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Charming charm of Dalat

Coming to Da Lat tourism, visitors will immersed in many emotions. Perhaps because of that, here is the name that people use to place Dalat: City of Thousands of Flowers, Land of Love, Sad City, Dream City, Land of Peach … Nature and people of Da Lat in poetry, in paintings, in art, and in the heart of everyone. But despite trying to describe how, only when you set foot, you have the most real sense of your own.

Dalat – Southern part of the country

What better way to escape from the heat of Saigon, to Dalat peace. Southern children who have never known the northern winter can feel a little in Da Lat. Especially, the weather in Da Lat will not be too cold … extremely worth the place to rest.

Da Lat tourism
Da Lat tourism

In the cold plateau atmosphere, legendary Langbiang is really suitable for outdoor activities, sightseeing, camping overnight. Some visitors choose to experience new games such as mountain climbing to the summit of Langbiang, paragliding, or riding on the Jeep to the top, walking along the asphalt roa

ds through spectacular pine forests. From the top of the mountain, far away, you can see the Golden Stream, the Silver Spring and the panorama of Da Lat on high with the fog covered with tourists.

With vast forests, many lakes, rivers and streams, Dalat has a great climate. The atmosphere here is fresh, cool, different from the stuffy, crowded of big cities like Saigon, Hanoi. To Da Lat, you can experience a day with 4 seasons: Early morning is the weather of spring, noon is summer, afternoon is autumn, and night is winter …. Therefore Da Lat travel does not need season, need months. Dalat is always beautiful, also cool, also poetry.

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