Da Nang Travel Experience

Da Nang Travel Experience

Da Nang tourism – the place is known as “the most rewarding city in Vietnam” – this place is gradually becoming the bright spot of the country in the field of tourism, attracting millions of visitors each year by the youthful looks. , civilized, and modern. Let’s take a look at the following Da Nang travel experience to find out why Danang becomes the most ideal destination among tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Da Nang Travel Experience
Da Nang City

The most famous places in Da Nang

1. My Khe Beach

Once voted the most glamorous beautiful beach on the planet by Forbes magazine of America. Only 3 km from the center of Da Nang city, looking down from above, My Khe beach is a vast blue strip and when it comes to new places, the beauty flares brilliantly.

Da Nang Travel Experience
My Khe Beach

My Khe beach attracts many tourists because of its pristine looks, white sandy beaches, gentle waves in a very cool and fresh atmosphere. Coming to Da Nang, visitors should come here once to experience an early dawn sparkling, radiating from the horizon as an aura and immersing themselves in cool water. You can choose for yourself a hotel in Son Tra district to move to this beautiful beach

2. Son Tra Peninsula

It is a combination of the only marine ecosystem of natural forests in Vietnam, Son Tra peninsula, 10 km from the city center with 3 sides adjacent to the sea. The climate here is very clean and clean, according to scientific research, every day the forest here recreates enough oxygen to supply 4 million people, a huge green lung of the city. This is also the home of many animals with 22 rare and precious species named in the red book, the most prominent is the primate populations with the number of about 300-400 individuals.

Da Nang Travel Experience
Son Tra Peninsula
3. Marble Mountains

It is a famous place also known as Non Nuoc mountain, including 5 limestone mountains on the sandy beach. This place is famous for Non Nuoc fine arts village, which produces many marble artifacts that are famous all over the country and abroad. The historical records still show that before the arrival of Vietnamese people, the Cham people worshiped their gods in caves and shrines. The migration of Vietnamese people to this region brought Buddhist culture and beliefs, created more temples and pagodas, making this place very diverse and harmonious in identity.

Da Nang Travel Experience
Marble Mountains
4. Ba Na Hills

Far from the city center, about 40 km to the southwest, the scenery is quite natural. Especially the weather in this area is very pleasant due to the high terrain (1 487 km above sea level), visitors will have the feeling of four seasons in a day, suitable for leisure activities. Inside Danang resort there are many entertainment venues. Because the road is beautiful but quite long, in addition, there are many dangerous bends, so be careful when traveling by motorbike. Now coming to Ba Na is more convenient because there is a bus with a fare of 136 000 VND per person for both return and return. In addition, there are many hotels near Ba Na Hill that you can choose to conveniently visit here and have fun.

Da Nang Travel Experience
Ba Na Hills
5. Danang Dragon Bridge

Although not famous in Ba Na Hill, Ngu Hanh Son or Han River Bridge, Cau Rong is still considered a unique bridge in this beautiful city. Dragon Bridge is considered the heaviest bridge in Vietnam with a strong dome structure, the bridge is specially designed to use a combination of 5 steel pipes to decorate dragon scales. The bridge is also built quite elaborately when equipped with a lighting system consisting of a total of 15,000 LED bulbs.

Da Nang Travel Experience
Da Nang Travel Experience

The most attractive thing in Dragon Bridge is the ability to spray both water and fire. However, the bridge only serves sprinkler screens, spraying fire on weekends, Saturday nights with Sundays or major holidays of the year. The time of spraying is 21 pm, then it will be a spraying screen; in which the number of fire sprays is 9 times, each time lasts for 2 minutes, while water spraying is only 3 times but there is a longer time than 3 minutes / time.

6. Han River Bridge

This is a symbol and pride for the people of Da Nang city. Every night when the night falls, the bridge is colorful and shimmering on the calm river. Every year, at this location, Danang will host an international cultural tourism event: the Firework Festival, which will take place on April 29-30. This is a very special occasion for Da Nang tourism when attracting a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to visit this beautiful city as well as admire the very special themed firework displays. Da Nang city during that time was extremely bustling and vibrant.

Da Nang Travel Experience
Han River Bridge
7. Love Bridge

This is a bridge simulating the famous love bridges in France and European countries. The bridge is located on Tran Hung Dao Street, near the top of the Dragon Bridge and the dragon carp statue. This place is free for visitors to visit. The bridge has an arc shaped about 70 m long, 6 m wide, facing the middle of the river and has plenty of space to see the beauty of the Han river banks. In the evening, hundreds of red heart-shaped lanterns are lit and become sparkling and fanciful. According to the legend of love is the place where many lovers can “lock” their love to show eternity and faithfulness.

Da Nang Travel Experience
Love Bridge

The above locations have different highlights for us to come and discover it, Danang tourism is currently developing the most in the country, if you are interested in Da Nang and want to come here to discover it yourself then click on our links: hue to danang, hoi an to danang, danang city tour 

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