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Explore Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is located in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, 40 km from Hue city, the garden has a total area of nearly 37,500 ha. Here you will learn about the rich flora and fauna, see the majestic scenery of the mountains and forests, feel the weather 4 seasons in a day. If you’re lucky, you can catch rare animals when you walk to explore the forest.

Explore Bach Ma National Park
Explore Bach Ma National Park

Travel time of Bach Ma National Park

From December to April (dry season) is considered to be the most suitable for tourism in Bach Ma National Park, at this time dry weather does not have intense rains suitable for travel and travel

Go to Bach Ma National Park from Hue or Da Nang

To travel Bach Ma National Park, tourists often come from Hue or Da Nang which is the most convenient, from Hue or Da Nang, you can ride motorbikes and Private Car  to Bach Ma.

– The road from Hue to Bach Ma: From Hue you drive in the direction to Da Nang and then go to National Highway 1A, go straight to Phu Loc commune, you continue to drive until you see the blue sea (on the side right hand way) pointing the way to White Horse then turning to the signboard and running straight ahead.

Note, when going on the way to Phu Loc commune, you will be able to see a road sign to enter Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery, not to follow, because it is the way to the Zen Monastery, not the way to White horse.

– Going to Bach Ma National Park from Da Nang: From Da Nang City, run towards Da Nang to Hue, follow National Highway 1A to the north about 60 km, through Hai Van Pass, to the famous Cau Hai Market in Cau Hai lagoon, turn left. Enter the road to Bach Ma National Park.

– Going from the gate to Bach Ma Peak: When going to Bach Ma National Park gate, you will have to buy a ticket to go inside, from the entrance to the top is about 19km, you can ride a motorbike or rent a car 12-seat bowl at the garden gate to go up to the top of Bach Ma.

Explore Bach Ma National Park
Explore Bach Ma National Park

Fun and sightseeing activities in Bach Ma

Schedule for exploring the Park: From the Garden gate you go straight to the top of Bach Ma, Check-in Hai Vong Dai – the most beautiful tourist spot in the National Park, then from Hai Vong Dai you start trekking to explore the tourist spots Famous calendars in the garden such as Do Quyen Waterfall, Ngu Ho, forest trails to explore the rich vegetation of the Forest.

Hai Vong Dai: This is the most attractive check-in place in Bach Ma National Park, from here you can admire, admire the beautiful natural landscape of the forest.

From Hai Vong Dai you can see Lang Co beach, Canh Duong beach, panoramic view, you should prepare camera and backup battery to take beautiful pictures here.

Explore Bach Ma National Park
Explore Bach Ma National Park

Do Quyen Waterfall: From Hai Vong Dai, you trekking about 2km along Do Quyen trail to Do Quyen Waterfall, when you come here, you not only admire, admire the unique and beautiful natural scenery but also Discover lots of interesting things.

Explore Bach Ma National Park
Explore Bach Ma National Park

Five Lakes: After exploring Do Quyen Waterfall you continue to explore the Five Lakes made up of 5 small lakes, located close to each other to form a big stream, Ho is deep in the forest so the water is clear and cool Can bathe and swim comfortably.

Explore Bach Ma National Park
Explore Bach Ma National Park

When you explore Bach Ma ?

If you go back in the day, you don’t need to worry about accommodation, you can refer to the type of accommodation below:

– Camping: In Bach Ma there are many beautiful, flat yards that allow you to camp. Note that the camping area is located at Km17 at the foot of the mountain, you must pay a camp fee of 30 thousand VND for an adult.

– Homestay or affordable motel at the foot of the mountain: in Km 17 area, there are many motels and homestays of people serving tourists about 300 thousand VND / 1 night. These properties offer catering.

– Accommodation on the peak area: Do Quyen villa, Kim Giao villa, Phong Lan villa.


– When you go deep into the Forest, there are not many options. Eat and drink, because there are no shops selling in the forest, you should prepare snacks to have lunch right in the forest.

– The restaurants focus mainly at Km 17 at the foot of the mountain, if you want to have lunch here you need to go from the top of Bach Ma to km 17 to eat, but it will be very inconvenient for your journey, because So you should bring food and lunch right in the forest.

Some note:

When traveling Bach Ma National Park you should prepare some of the following essential items

– Clothing: Should bring lightweight clothes + thin jacket, because the weather in the Bach Ma National Park has a variety of beans, it can be said to include 4 seasons in a day.

– Shoes: Bring sports shoes, hug your legs to facilitate climbing, explore Bach Ma National Park.

– Health: Bring common drugs such as flu, headache, insect repellent, antiseptic, bandage …

– Camera, phone taking pictures to save beautiful moments when traveling Bach Ma National Park.

– If you travel Bach Ma National Park in the form of camping, you should bring tents, canvas, food …

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