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Hoi An 1 Day Travel Experience

Hoi An ancient town is always the favorite destination of many tourists. Coming to Hoi An, visitors can not only come to the peaceful and peaceful old town, but also enjoy many cultural values of life, art and cuisine.

Hoi An 1 Day Travel Experience
Hoi An Shopping


Hoi An ancient town has its own beauty, ancient and quiet. You can travel to Hoi An regardless of the season. You can choose to Hoi An on the occasion of the festival such as Thien Hau, Vu Lan, Mid-Autumn … or the full moon. In these festive seasons, Hoi An’s vibrant city of feathers, bright flowers shine on the banks of the river, you will be immersed in the unique cultural beauty of this place,


You can choose the means to travel to Hoi An like train, automobile or plane. If you take a train, you can stop at Quang Nam Central Station, or continue to catch the bus to Hoi An. An very convenient for you. However, Mytour recommends choosing a plane to save time and avoid fatigue. At any time, Hanoi – Da Nang or Saigon Danang flights are cheap, you just have to “hunt” yourself one is to save time, health, is not it?

If you travel, you will stop at Danang airport. Then continue to take a taxi or bus to Hoi An, about 30km away

To Hoi An, rent a cyclo or bike to explore every corner in the old town.


Hoi An Ancient Town attracts hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign visitors every year, so the accommodation is very well developed. Whether in the old town or in the surrounding area, it is easy to get to the tourist spots in Hoi An. You can choose the hotels on the banks of the Hoai River, or the area near the sea to enjoy the fresh air, airy space that also ohari price. Some reputable hotels Mytour suggested for your trip to Hoi An 1 day such as Hoi Pho Riverside or Vinh Hung Riverside … However, in order to avoid the status of room, you should book reservations through the online booking site. Online and Mytour.vn is a bitter choice with quality service and best price.


To mention the cuisine of Hoi An ancient city, people think Cao Lau, Chicken Rice, Quang Noodle, Banh Mi … are the items you can not miss while traveling Hoi An 1 day

The most distinctive and distinctive is Cao Lau, who also come to Hoi An enjoy this dish at least once. Lien is located on Thai Phien Street, only for sale in the afternoon is the place where the famous high floor in Hoi An.

Hoi An 1 Day Travel Experience
Hoi An Food

If you want to blow up a bowl of Quang Noodle in the morning, then go to the CT shop on Thai Phien Street, where the noodles are so soft, the soup is rich in flavor.

Ba Boi Chicken Rice is located on Phan Chau Trinh Street for the whole day, guests come to Nam Nien is the best place to eat chicken rice in Hoi An. If you want to eat bread, then visit Phuong bread shop located on Phan Chu Trinh street, with slices of pork, pate, cucumber, herbs and especially delicious meat sauce, interesting.

Hoi An 1 Day Travel Experience !!!

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