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Hue Street Food

Hue – the ancient capital is not only famous for the magnificent magnificence of the tombs, the poetic tenderness of the natural, harmonious water. Hue is also a thực gastronomic capital làm that makes tourists excited. The dishes in Hue are idyllic and idyllic like the charming beauty of Central people. Whether in a luxurious restaurant or sitting at a roadside toad stall, Hue Street Food also makes tourists feel full of typical Hue flavor. Having stopped in Hue, I can’t miss the chance to taste delicious food that was attached to Hue. What to eat when traveling to Hue? Let’s join Private Car Hoi An to explore the journey now!

1. Banh Ep (Pressed Cake)

Hue Street Food
Pressed Cake

Pressed Cake are made from filtered flour quite popular with cakes in Central and Hue, pressed cakes are pressed by cast iron mold, baked on charcoal stove. People will remove the dough with filling layer into hot, pressed mold, fast cooked cake, take out fast and also enjoy fast so that the cake does not cool down or hard. A variety of cakes, can be eggs, can be pate, can be minced meat, … Serve with cakes with cucumber, laksa leaves, pickled carrots, papayas, porridge, .. Sauce used in cakes This is a fish sauce with a little chili sauce and satay. Anyone who enjoys this pressed pastry, also finds the fervent Hue flavor, mixed in other flavors of freedom, not from Hue origin. Feeling but not everyone can easily express the poetic taste when using cake. The taste is both modern and traditional of the pressed cake, always hiding the style of Hue Street Food in a way that is both obvious and vague, it is difficult to name.

2. Bun Nghe (Turmeric rice vermicelli)

Hue Street Food
Turmeric rice vermicelli

One end of the pot is a vermicelli pot placed on a basket, the inner side has embers for hot noodles. The rest of the head is many spices that are placed on a tray. Diners often sit on small chairs around the bun, just eating and asking for any spices you want.
The special thing of this dish is that turmeric is completely processed from fresh turmeric, very good for health. According to the long-selling vermicelli, so that when the taste of turmeric is not too pungent, it is necessary to choose from medium-sized art tools.

This rustic dish is made quite simple: the turmeric is pureed, the water used to stir-fry with noodles, and the corpse is used to add it when eating. When stir-fried vermicelli only for moderate spice, the fire is red to make the turmeric water permeate into each vermicelli fiber, and create an eye-catching yellow color and make the flavor of vermicelli more bold. The pork heart is fried separately, the salinity is moderate so that when it is added, the vermicelli is not salty.

With a combination of vermicelli, turmeric and pork, this dish is quite benign. Looking at it, it was intriguing because of the golden color of fresh noodles. The fragrant fried pork hearts are so fragrantly soaked in the top of the vermicelli with some vegetables and fresh turmeric.

Mix everything well and eat it when it’s hot. The natural aroma of fresh turmeric blends with the pork fat of pork heart and vermicelli, making diners at first to eat this dish to be surprised by its characteristic flavor.

3. Banh Canh Nam Pho (Hue Street Food)

Hue Street Food
Banh Canh Nam Pho

The dish is associated with the land that produced it. So is the bread of Nam Pho. So far, there is no place to make delicious Nam Pho soup like … Nam Pho people, Hue.
A very popular dish, cheap and delicious, suitable for pocket money of all ages, it is the “soup cake”.

Wherever you go, the Hue people are exhausted and proud of the famous and delicious dishes, from the past to present – Nam Pho soup cake and introduce you to the far-away to enjoy simple but delicate dishes. like the soul of the ancient capital.

Nam Pho soup cake is a traditional hawker dish of Nam Pho village (Phu Vang district, Thua Thien – Hue province), about 10 km from the city center. Do not know when this delicacy has been there, but many families in Nam Pho village have been attached to the bread soup for 3 – 4 generations today. Many women, many mothers have sold since their daughter’s time and then transferred their jobs to their daughter-in-law and daughters.

This simple dish is meticulously crafted, elaborate and time-consuming. Cake fiber is cooked from rice flour and filtered flour in the ratio of “3 rice – 1 filter”. Instead of being stuffed and sliced ​​like other types of soup cakes, flour must be distilled in water. Moderate ripe and then bring down to beat. Put the dough in a clean plastic bag and then whisk it down into the boiling pot of water. Those who are skillful will use sticks and let the flour flow as they wish. The powder will be rounded each round. Then, remove the drain to drain.

The soup of Nam Pho soup(Hue Street Food) is used from fresh boiled shrimp and crab, so it always has a natural sweet taste. The soup cake is made from bacon and shrimp. Shrimp is kind of in the lagoon, fresh, not fishy, ​​rich sweet meat. All are cleaned, pounded, pellets and cooked into a match. Shrimp combined with bacon only makes red brick look very eye-catching and stimulates taste. It must be recognized that this is a unique and delicious prawn dish. When the flour in the pot is just cooked, remove the shrimp and meatballs. Wait until the bottom of the pot is smooth, the cook must watch the fire to keep the food hot enough for the dish.

4. Bánh Lọc (Filter Cake)

Hue Street Food
Filter cake

Talking about Hue Street Food, it is impossible not to mention filter cake. Filter Cake is a popular dish all over the country, especially in the North Central region. However, in Hue, shrimp flour cakes are processed and packaged by indigenous people in a separate way, creating a unique and attractive appearance of this simple dish. The filter is a universal dish. nationally, especially in the North Central region. However, in Hue, shrimp flour cakes are processed and packaged by indigenous people in a separate way, creating a unique and attractive appearance of this simple dish.

The recipe for making prawn flour is also simple. The first ingredients for making dough include energy powder, salt and cooking oil. Put the flour into a pot, add water at a ratio of 1: 1, sprinkle about half a spoonful of salt and a spoon of cooking oil. Mix the mixture evenly and north on the stove, until you feel the dough start to thicken, then quickly lift it down, continue stirring to make the flour more smooth and cool.

A batch of cake flour filter is satisfactory when peeled off, slices of bread have a moderate transparency, no powder. Try to bite a piece of cake, feel the toughness, the consistency of the filter powder combined with the salty taste of the shrimp. Delicious cake when used with delicious fish sauce mixed with shrimp paste, add a little lemon sugar, chili, satay.

Today’s shrimp paste cake is not only a specialty enjoyed by many tourists, but it is also an indispensable home gift for Hue children far from home.

5. Dishes made from snails (Hue Street Food)

Hue Street Food
Dishes made from snails

On cold rainy days like this, people go to spicy, hot dishes to find some warmth in their hearts. It was a beef noodle bowl that was smoking in the early morning, or it was a slurp with a bowl of spicy snakehead fish soup in the street corner at the end of the afternoon. And if there is still time, people come to Truong An town to enjoy the hot and hot spicy snails.

If you come to Hue on these cold rainy days, it will not be surprising why Hue people have such a habit of eating spicy, burning to the gut, tears in their eyes, buzzing ears but still delicious. Snail is such a dish. Every time I eat snails, everyone inhaled them because of hot and spicy. People who had their lips turned red, sweaty but still eating well. There are people who eat tears and runny nose but still eat to the end and feel “great cat”. As for those who are not Hue people, when enjoying this dish, should call a bowl of non-spicy dipping sauce, if not, it must “give up running for people”.

Unlike snails in other places, Hue snail has enough salty, sweet, sour, spicy taste. A bit spicy of chilli pepper, a little warm and fragrant of lemongrass ginger, a little salty of fish sauce, a little sweetness emanating from snail meat. All make a delicious and fragrant food. Just see the hot snail plate smoky with stunts and the sweet scent that we have the feeling of “craving” and be seduced right away.

6. (Banh Mi Thap Cam) Messy Bread

Hue Street Food
Messy Bread

7. Grilled corn (Hue Street Food)

Hue Street Food
Grilled corn

It is not difficult to find the address of the most grilled onion grilled corn in the ancient capital, because you will meet a dozen rows of photons opposite Hue University of Pedagogy, on the sidewalk of Le Loi street, near Nguyen pedestrian street. Dinh Chieu and Trang Tien bridges. Ideal location is the first thing that makes this street expensive.

The corn has been roasted once in a row and neatly arranged. Only when the customer calls, the new shopkeeper holds a small feather broom made from corn husk, quickly rubs a fat layer of onion to the corn grain. After a few minutes of fanning, biting coal, flipping over and over, the corn was cooked evenly inside, the spice was shining outside, giving the aroma of the nose.

If you come to Hue and are in Hue City, it is not difficult to find these dishes at Hue street, many restaurants, shops for sale to you, and of course these dishes will be available depending on who you do. You can try the shop to find out which shop best suits your taste. Hue street food is always the destination for tourists who want to find simplicity and not fussy. If you are interested in these dishes in Hue, then you can click on the links below to find out about the journey to Hue City and eat these dishes: hue city tour, hoi an to hue, danang to hue

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