My Son Sanctuary Travel 2024: Experience & Ticket Prices

Ranked 9th in the top 10 most beautiful and famous temple complexes in Southeast Asia, My Son Sanctuary has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Becoming one of the famous tourist destinations, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Here you will learn about the ancient culture and history of this land. With the information and experiences about My Son Holy Land tourism of Private Car Transfer Hoi An below will help you have an interesting journey. Check it out now!

My Son Sanctuary tourism and information you need to know

 Where is My Son Sanctuary located?

My Son Sanctuary is a complex of monuments and temples belonging to the ancient Champa kingdom, located in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. About 20 km from Tra Kieu station to the west, about 45 km from Hoi An and about 68 km from Da Nang city center. This place is located in a valley with a diameter of 2 km and is surrounded by hills and mountains, so it always has a mysterious look that makes visitors always want to learn and explore.

History of My Son Sanctuary heritage

My Son was formed in the fourth century, originally to organize religious ceremonies for the kings of the Champa Kingdom. At the same time, it is also a place to bury the Cham Royal Family and other national heroes. The temples here were built from the 4th – 14th centuries AD by via Bhadravarman.

At one time, the holy site had more than 70 temples and many wooden tablets engraved with important historical stone names in Cham and Sanskrit. However, after a scattered American bombing during the war with Vietnam, most of the architecture was unfortunately destroyed. My Son has also ceased operations since then and no further constructions have been built.

Forgotten until 1898, a French scholar and his colleagues discovered and worked at this relic. Although destroyed by the war, there are still many temples that are still quite intact and unique. In 1999, the My Son Sanctuary was recognized by UNECO as a World Cultural Heritage. Up to now, it has become an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Opening time and ticket price to visit My Son Sanctuary

Before visiting this world cultural heritage site, visitors should find out information about operating times and ticket prices in advance to be prepared.

Opening time

According to My Son Sanctuary travel experience , this place begins to open to visitors from 6 am to 5 pm all days of the year, including holidays or Tet. With this time frame, visitors are free to visit and experience interesting things here.

All visitors here must purchase tickets.

Ticket price to visit My Son Sanctuary

  • For international visitors: 150,000 VND/ticket
  • For domestic tourists: 100,000 VND/ticket

Note: The ticket price to visit the Holy Land includes the service of taking the tram to the relic site, visiting the temples and watching the artistic performances performed by the artists themselves.

When is the right time to travel to My Son Sanctuary?

The weather here is characterized by the climate of Quang Nam with two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The average temperature is around 25.6 degrees Celsius and the average humidity is about 84%. Therefore, if you intend to visit this place, you need to avoid the rainy season months, which is around October – December every year. Because this is the rainy season, the weather is unstable, the road is slippery, difficult to go.

To have a convenient trip, visitors should arrange to go in the dry season months.

Accordingly, the most convenient time is from January to September. This is the dry season in Quang Nam, so the weather is quite favorable, with little rain, it is dry, so you can fall in love while traveling. and feel free to visit and take pictures.

Need to prepare when traveling to My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam?

What should you wear when visiting the Holy Land?

Most people will come here in the dry season, but this season is characterized by the weather will be quite hot. Therefore, visitors should prioritize clothes with comfortable, sweat-absorbent materials. You can wear dresses, skirts, maxi or jeans, t-shirts … but remember not to be too revealing because this is a famous heritage anyway.

In addition to the dress, don’t forget to bring a jacket and hat. Especially visiting this place is mainly on foot. Therefore, you should prepare sports shoes or sandals, low, soft shoes to walk comfortably.

Necessary tools and supplies to prepare

Even if you only come to visit during the day, do not stay, you also need to prepare more: umbrellas/umbrellas, sunscreen, motion sickness medicine (if traveling by car or taxi), some food such as cakes, fruits and vegetables. Drinking water in case of hunger. Remember in your wallet, there are always identification documents available, a good camera or phone to take pictures to save memories.

Directions to My Son Sanctuary from Da Nang

Depending on your starting position, you can choose from many different routes to My Son Sanctuary. Here are 2 suggested routes for your reference:

  • The first road

From National Highway 1, you go south to Nam Phuoc town for about 39 km, then go west on route 537 for another 9 km to Tra Kieu station. At this point, you go straight for about 12 km, you will meet a fork and then turn left according to the signboard. Going another 9 km is to My Son. From My Son, walk a mountain road about 200m, follow the stone path leading to the relic.

  • The second road

Starting from Hoa Cam overpass, Cam Le district, you go in the direction of National Highway 14B – Nguyen Trai street. Then turn left and go straight to Kiem Lam wharf. Cross the boat and follow route 537 to the direction of Nam Phuoc town for about 1 km, you will see a signboard pointing to My Son. You just need to move in the way of instruction 1 to reach the place.

Note: Compared to the first route, route 2 saves about 30 minutes more time, but the road is quite roundabout and worse. You should consider choosing the right route.

Experience traveling to My Son Holy Land by what means?

Traveling by bus

This is an extremely suitable vehicle for students, students or travelers with limited conditions. To get to the Holy Land, you take bus number 06 from Da Nang central bus station, Dien Bien Phu, Le Duan, Hoang Hoa Tham, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Trung Nu Vuong, Cach Mang Thang Tam, Hoa Cam, … There is a trip every 30 minutes, the fare ranges from 8-30k (depending on the route).

If you want to save money, you can take the bus, but the waiting time is quite long.

Travel by taxi

If you do not know the way and are afraid of the sun and wind, you can take a taxi from Da Nang to travel to My Son Sanctuary . As a famous place, it is not possible to find affordable taxi companies that run directly here such as: Mai Linh Taxi, Tien Sa taxi, Song Han, VinaSun, etc. But the distance is quite far, so the cost will be quite high, the average falls in the range of 400 – 500k / way.

Rent a tourist car

If you are traveling in a group, if you do not want to take a taxi, you can choose to rent a car by day to be proactive in terms of time as well as to combine visiting many other places. Depending on the type of car you rent, the price will vary. However, remember to book in advance if you go in the high season because the number of guests will be crowded and the price is also somewhat raised.

Link: Hoi An Car Rental Or Hoi An Private Car

Self-sufficient by motorbike

For those of you who are not afraid of difficulties, like to go on a trip or do not want to depend on anyone or any vehicle, you can travel by motorbike by yourself. The price of motorbike rental in Da Nang is also quite cheap, only about 100 – 150k / day (depending on type). On the way, you will be spoiled with beautiful scenery, mingle with the clouds, but remember to check the car carefully and fill up with gas to ensure safety along the way.

Link: Hoi An To My Son Motorbike Tour

Take a joint tour

Surely this is the choice of many tourists, especially those who have not experienced self-sufficient travel to My Son Holy Land . This way is quite cheap and suitable for everyone, guests traveling in groups, families. Going on the tour, there will be a shuttle bus to take place in the inner city of Da Nang in the afternoon and return, and also take care of a package of tickets to visit, eat, …

Should My Son Sanctuary travel to stay and where to stay?

Due to the characteristics, this resort is usually open from 6 am to 5 pm, so most tourists often choose to go back during the day to take advantage of the remaining time to explore many other attractions of Da Nang – Hoi An. But if tourists want to stay, they can only choose nearby hotels, but this resort does not have accommodation services. Some suggestions for you are:

  • Le Dung Hotel: No. 32 Tran Phu Street, Tam Ky, Tam Ky, Quang Nam
  • Le Domaine de Tam Hai hotel: Tam Hai commune, Tam Ky, Quang Nam
  • Muong Thanh Hotel: No. 351 Xuan An Ward, Tam Ky, Quang Nam

If you want to have more choices, you can choose to stay in Hoi An or Da Nang. But according to the experience of traveling to My Son Sanctuary, you should return to Da Nang. As a famous tourist city, the system of hotels and motels here is very diverse in both quality and price. Moreover, you can explore the livable city and the ancient town of Hoi An.

Suggested hotels to stay in Da Nang:

  • Duong Gia Hotel: 06 – 08 Pham Thieu, An Hai Bac, Son Tra – Tel: 0983 728 286
  • Vinpearl Condotel Riverfront Danang Hotel: 341 Tran Hung Dao, An Hai Bac, Son Tra
  • Nhat Linh Hotel: 194 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau
  • Happy Day Danang Hotel & Spa: Bach Dang, Hai Chau
  • Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel: 270 Vo Nguyen Giap, My An, Ngu Hanh Son

My Son Sanctuary travel experience, what to eat?

Cau Mong calves

Cau Mong veal is one of the must-try delicious dishes when traveling to My Son Sanctuary . Veal ingredients are selected from grass-fed calves, weighing from 30kg. The meat is charred on a charcoal stove to keep the color and sweetness of the meat, and the crispiness of the skin. Then thinly sliced ​​with dipping sauce and raw vegetables. A special feature is that the sauce is made from roasted sesame, garlic, lemon, … very delicious.

Mi Quang Phu Chiem – Noodle Hous

This is a specialty of Quang Nam – Da Nang that makes it difficult for anyone who has had the opportunity to enjoy it to forget its taste. Phu Chiem noodles with noodles made from tough rice, combined with pork belly and shrimp, and rich broth, create an irresistible flavor. This dish will be eaten with raw vegetables, roasted peanuts and grilled rice paper, in addition, a little spicy chili is indispensable.

Coming to Quang Nam, you must definitely try this famous Quang noodle dish.


Banh xeo is a famous dish of the Central people in general and of the land of Quang in particular. Therefore, when coming to this holy place, do not forget to enjoy this delicious cake. The cake is made from rice flour mixed with turmeric powder, mixed with water and then thinly coated to achieve a crunchy texture when eaten. Inside is shrimp meat, bean sprouts, creating sweet, fragrant, not boring. When eaten, it will be served with raw vegetables, dipped with fish sauce.

This cake is also a delicacy loved by both locals and tourists.

In addition to these dishes, visitors can try other dishes such as Cao Lau, chicken rice, banh dap, banh beo, banh tot, etc.

Traveling to My Son Sanctuary, what is there to play that attracts tourists from all over the world?

Discover the architectural style of My Son Sanctuary

Over thousands of years, under the impact of wars and rain and wind, this place still preserves relics and relics that marked the culture of the Champa kingdom in the 380s. There are more than 70 temples here. The tower has Hindu architecture, divided into 4 areas, each area has 1 main tower and many small towers. All are built from brick and sandstone, but when you visit, you will be surprised when there is not a trace of lime or cement between the pieces.

Coming here you will admire the Kalan temple, also known as Shiva, gate tower, Mandapa tower, stele, statue of god Siva, mascots, dancers and many other temples, … and learn more about American history Son as well as the unique cultural features of the ancient Cham people.

Visit the Museum in the Sanctuary area

Maybe many people do not know, but in this world cultural heritage complex, there is also a museum located about 100 meters behind the ticket counter. There are many ancient artifacts such as reliefs, talking bricks, lingas, etc., which after visiting, you will understand more about archeology, history and sculpture art as well as carved patterns in people’s beliefs. Champa. The architectural techniques of the Cham people have reached the pinnacle, meticulously decorated, lifelike to show respect to the city.

Enjoy the enchanting Apsara dance

What’s good about traveling to My Son Sanctuary ? In addition to admiring the ancient architecture, visitors also enjoy the Apsara dance inspired by sandstone statues. This dance is extremely smooth and flexible with the title “soul of stone” to honor the curves of women.

Apsara dance is used to perform in provincial art programs and serve groups of tourists when visiting the Holy Land. The dances harmonize in the lively voice of Paranung and the sound of Saranai trumpet, ensuring that you will feel like you are lost in the same ancient Cham land, unable to help but fall in love.

Immerse yourself in the unique Kate festival of the Cham people

Coming on the right occasion of July (according to the Cham calendar), you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Kate festival. This is an extremely important festival of the Cham people with rituals such as praying for peace, palanquin and Kate procession, water procession, etc. And yet, there are also many unique artistic and artistic performances combined. Along with traditional props, visitors can’t take their eyes off when watching.

Some other notes to know when traveling to My Son Sanctuary

  • At the gate of the resort, there are promotional tickets for students. You should bring student card – student or ID card, household registration to enjoy the discount. In addition, if not in this category, visitors have a ceremony on holidays, Tet or special occasions, My Son management often has promotions.
  • My Son Sanctuary is located separately from the outside, surrounded by luxuriant trees, without restaurants or souvenir shops like other tourist destinations. Currently only one unit is allowed to do business, you can shop here or go to the city to buy.
You can visit and take pictures as much as you like, but you are not allowed to burn incense and worship.
  • According to My Son Sanctuary travel experience, although this is a famous temple area and also has a little spiritual significance, it is limited for actions such as burning incense or presenting offerings.
  • You should start your tour from the main temple area as it is a bit difficult to move. And to understand more about this relic, you should hire a guide. Most of them are locals who will help you with useful information about this place.
  • As mentioned, one of the features here is the cultural performances, but only take place at 4 certain time frames of the day. If you want to enjoy, please arrange a reasonable time so as not to miss it.

Above are some My Son Holy Land travel experiences that Private Car Hoi An summarizes. If you are planning a trip to Da Nang, Hoi An, don’t forget to visit this relic site – a perfect place for those who love history and architecture, especially want to understand more about Vuong culture. ancient Champa kingdom.

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