Pocket immediately Hoi An travel experience 3 days 2 nights

Hoi An not only has peaceful and quiet Old Towns by the romantic Hoai River, but also has beautiful beaches, rich cuisine and luxurious resorts. With only 3 days and 2 nights to feel all the beauty here, where will you go, what to eat to have the most unforgettable memories with family and friends. Let’s refer to offline!

Suggestions on how to move to Hoi An

One of the first Hoi An travel experiences that we want to share is how to get around. To get to Hoi An, you can travel in many ways such as by plane, train, car or car according to a self-contained tour.

If you do not know how to move to Hoi An, you can refer to the following ways:

  • Airplane: Currently, Hoi An does not have an airport, so to move here by plane, you should book a ticket to Da Nang airport and then move by other means to Hoi An. Currently, airfares to Da Nang range from VND 1,400,000 to VND 1,800,000 depending on many factors such as time, airline, etc. You can book flight tickets to Da Nang online or buy directly at. Da Nang airport is about 30km from Hoi An, so it is easy to hire a taxi to move around.
  • Train: Ticket prices range from 500,000 to 1,500,000 VND depending on the type of seat as well as the far or near departure place. After moving to the Tam Ky train station, you will continue to need to hire a taxi to get to Hoi An.
  • Passenger cars: The fare when the bus is extremely cheap, just under 400k/ticket. However, the travel time is quite long, so you need to consider. Traveling by car or bus is usually only suitable if you are near Hoi An, about 100km from here.

Each type of vehicle has its own advantages and limitations. Therefore, depending on your preferences, requirements as well as specific costs, you can choose the appropriate form of moving to Hoi An.

Must-visit destinations in Hoi An

Coming to Hoi An , visitors will be immersed in new moments hidden in the ancient features of many rows of tiled houses. Everything here is beautiful, friendly and poetic. If you still don’t know where to go in Hoi An, don’t miss the following places:

Covered Bridge – a famous tourist destination in Hoi An


This is a very famous tourist destination in Hoi An. Covered Bridge is designed with the same architecture as a pagoda crossing the peaceful and poetic Hoai River. Standing on the bridge and enjoying the warm and peaceful scenery of Pho Hoi is a wonderful feeling that you must try.

Hoi An Market

When coming to Hoi An Market, you will enter the world of diverse and rich street food with many sweet Hue typical dishes like the voice and personality of Hoi An people. Where there are many attractive snacks always welcome visitors here.

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Hoi An. This place has an ancient Champa temple system with a long history, located in a valley 2 km in diameter.

Cu Lao Cham


Cu Lao Cham is an archipelago consisting of 1 main island and 8 surrounding islets with a total area of ​​about 15 km. With its wild beauty and diversity of flora and fauna, Cu Lao Cham is recognized by UNESCO as one of the world’s important biosphere reserves and must be used safely.

What to eat when traveling in Hoi An?

Discovering Hoi An cuisine is one of the experiences not to be missed when traveling to Hoi An. You must definitely enjoy delicious dishes, famous specialties in Hoi An such as:

  • Hoi An Chicken Rice
  • Cao Lau
  • Quang Noodles
  • Banh Beo
  • Wonton Rice paper rolls with meat, …

The taste of Hoi An dishes will surely make guests fall in love and want to enjoy a second time.

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Economical and safe Hoi An travel experience with MoMo

If you are looking to travel to Hoi An 3 days 2 nights, you cannot ignore the secret to saving money with MoMo . You can book hotel rooms, bus tickets through the MoMo application. Here are many attractive offers to help you save money significantly.

If you still don’t know how to book cheap flight tickets right at the MoMo super app, please refer to the 6 extremely detailed instructions below:

  • Step 1: At the main screen, search for the keyword “Travel – Travel”
  • Step 2: Select ”Flight ticket” and enter the required information about destination – departure point, departure date – return date, type of round-trip or one-way ticket, number of passengers >> Search.
  • Step 3: Choose the right flight
  • Step 4: Enter specific information (full name, date of birth, contact information) to book tickets. Note that you can save the information for the next time you book tickets.
  • Step 5: Check the booking information (flight schedule, fare, passenger information) => select ”Continue”.
  • Step 6: At ”Source of Money” => ”Confirm” to pay and book tickets.

In addition to thousands of deals every day with air tickets, MoMo also offers exclusive deals for hotels, motels, coaches, train tickets. With MoMo, you can rest assured when traveling without worrying about burning your wallet.

Above are Hoi An travel experiences 3 days 2 nights to explore the old town that you cannot ignore. Hope this information will help you on your trip.

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