Explore Hue City by Motorbike Tour

Motorcycle is considered a popular means of transport throughout Vietnam, not only a means of transportation, but it is also an ideal Trip when traveling in the beloved Hue City. Motorcycles can go from small alleys to small alleys. major highways, can park easily. Experience closer to nature when going up the hills-slopes-to the countryside.vv


Explore Thanh Toan Bridge by motorbike

On the road to Thanh Toan Countryside Market, about 7km from the city center, you will experience nature: ripe rice fields, flocks of ducklings swimming in the canals, etc.

Coming to Thanh Toan Country Market, you will be able to go to the market with very cheap snacks and experience playing Choi cards (depending on the time).

Next, you will experience Ngoai Bridge with the “upper family Ha Kieu” architecture. Very rare, and if you sit here, no matter how hot it is, you will feel very cool and comfortable.

Across the bridge will be the Museum of Agricultural Tools, with instructions on tools and experiences about the lifestyle in the countryside of Thanh Toan.

Explore Vong Canh Hill by motorbike

Next, you will experience Vong Canh Hill, about 12.5km from Cau Ngoai to the west.

This place is considered an experience point with the scenery of the Perfume River – the landscape of the hills and the surrounding hills.

This place is chosen by many young people to date as well as take photos for memories, wedding photos.vv

This place is also the place of military defense to the west of Hue City from 1975 and earlier.

Explore Perfume Village by motorbike

Go down to the foot of the hill and experience the Perfume Village to be able to make your own Perfume trees, visit the paintings painted by famous painters, the poem hats that are directly stared at by the aunts here.

In addition, you can also buy some gifts for your loved ones here, the price is not too expensive!

Explore Tu Duc Tomb by motorbike

If you are one of the history enthusiasts, do not miss the next point is Tu Duc Tomb.
With the beauty that is considered the most beautiful mausoleum of the 19th century, Tu Duc Tomb also known as Khiem Lang will bring you to feel the quintessence of design inside Tu Duc Tomb.

Construction work with the contribution of 6000 soldiers and workers to gather for training, build ramparts and tombs.

Ticket price for Vietnamese:  150,000 VND/adult and 40,000 VND/child

Explore Ho Quyen (the arena between Elephants and Tigers) by motorbike

During a life-and-death battle between Elephants and Tigers at Con Gia Vien on the Perfume River, the Tiger suddenly swam towards King Minh Mang’s boat to attack him.

Since then, the King built the Ho Quyen arena in Truong Da village, Nguyet Bieu village.

In the old days, this place would be held every year with the organization of a competition between Elephants and Tigers until the Elephant beat the Tiger to death.

Explore Thien Mu Pagoda by motorbike

Located on Kim Long land west of Hue City and next to the romantic Perfume River, Thien Mu Pagoda with shimmering beauty and famous legends.

Thien Mu Pagoda has lost a lot of tourists coming here to pray for the world and for their loved ones. Seeing the scenery inside the Temple as well as outside is very suitable for those who live virtual.

Explore Hue Imperial Citadel by motorbike

Coming to Hue without visiting the Imperial Citadel of Hue is too bad for you, This place keeps the vestiges of the old royal palace of the Nguyen Dynasty. Hue Citadel is the largest-scale construction in the history of Vietnam. If you can, go inside to admire these great works!

Ticket price:  200,000 VND/adult and 40,000 VND/child under 1.3m tall.

Finish the journey back to the hotel around 14h~15pm

Above is a summary of the trip to explore Hue city by motorbike. You can travel with the driver on the big and small roads in Hue, the driver with many years of driving experience will guide you more details about the tourist attractions on the road.

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