Explore of Hai Van Pass By MOTORCYCLE

When traveling on the roads in the central strip of land, Hai Van pass has long been a favorite choice of adventurous backpackers. Crossing Hai Van Pass by motorbike is always the most enjoyable feeling. Not only can you enjoy the panoramic view of the vast and vast nature of the sea, the sky, the clouds and the mountains. It’s also about experimenting and challenging yourself. However, not everyone can drive up the pass, somewhere there is always a scary danger lurking…

If you are planning to go on a motorbike trip to Hai Van Pass, please record some of the experiences that Hoi An Private Car has summarized below!


Before starting the trip, you need to prepare yourself the necessary items such as masks, windbreakers, eyeglasses, sunscreen, socks, gloves, thick hats, drinking water and some food attach.

These are necessary items to protect your body from the sun, wind or dust on the way. Especially women must always remember to apply sunscreen and moisturizer to protect their skin during the time of traveling a lot outside.


Motorcycle is the first vehicle you need to carefully check the specifications for your trip to go smoothly. Please carefully consider whether the brakes, brakes, lights, and tires are still in good working order, if the tire is too worn, it should be replaced to limit punctures or wheel slips when cornering. Especially remember to fill up the “driver” with gasoline to continue the journey to conquer the challenges.


Hai Van Pass is a long pass and on this pass there will be no place to repair cars. So if there is a problem, the damage on this section will be very annoying and take a lot of time.

You should bring some basic car repair tools such as patching tubes, increasing chains, … to prevent the car from having problems in the middle of the road.

You should also save ZuttoRide’s Motorcycle Rescue Hotline number 1900969612 so that you can request assistance when the vehicle encounters problems that you cannot handle.


Horn when entering a hidden corner: must give a signal to inform oncoming traffic to avoid.

Keep a minimum safe distance between vehicles to avoid sudden braking of the vehicle in front.

Do not hug too wide: The pass is often curved and steep, wide cornering is easy to slip and dangerous when there is a vehicle going in the opposite direction.

Shift to low gear before running uphill: there is a slope ahead, you should shift to low gear about 40-50 meters away. Pull up 40-50km/h and keep the throttle steady.

Maintain a suitable motorbike speed when exploring Hai Van Pass. Go at a moderate speed enough to handle unexpected situations that may occur on the road.

Observe the rearview mirror when exploring Hai Van Pass by motorbike. From there, there is a suitable direction, avoiding unnecessary collisions. Moreover, the pass is often curved and steep. If you hold a wide corner, it is easy to slip and dangerous when there is a vehicle going in the opposite direction.

Limit traveling to Hai Van Pass by motorbike at night. Dense fog makes visibility limited, as well as the ability of car lights to illuminate at night is weak. The pass is very dangerous when traveling at night. Therefore, when going to Hai Van Pass by motorbike, you should avoid going at night.


When you reach the top of the pass, you should stop for sightseeing and sightseeing. Hai Van Quan relic on the top of the pass was built by King Minh Mang in 1826.

You can enjoy the panoramic view of the gentle Da Nang city and let your soul fall into the clouds or save beautiful frames.

Looking to the north, you will be even more surprised with the poetic scenery of Lang Co Bay and the gentle Lap An lagoon.


Before going down the pass, you should also check your motorbike to ensure safety. Going down the pass, you should go at a very slow speed, go with a low gear, usually number one and number two, when riding a digital car, you should not use the clutch to float or brake continuously, this is very dangerous. If you want to take pictures, park your car close to the roadside.

Above are some experiences of traveling to Hai Van pass by motorbike that Hoi An Private Car has summarized. Wishing you a happy and safe trip!

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