Street food not to be missed in the summer – Hoi An

When visiting Hoi An, there are three things you must try: Firstly, cycling or walking around the old streets. Secondly, releasing a lantern on the Hoai River and making a wish. Finally, and most importantly, you must indulge in all the delicious street food within the old town. Here are some of the most famous summer street foods in Hoi An that you definitely cannot miss.

Grilled pork rolled in rice paper.

This is a dish that you can find a lot even when you travel to Da Nang. Not only delicious but also cheap, it’s good for snacking or a full meal. Grilled pork skewers are sold all over the streets around Hoi An, but they are most concentrated around the riverbank, temples, and most famously behind the Bai Choi area with grilled pork skewers that are both tender and fragrant.

Corn sweet soup – the most characteristic summer street food in Hoi An.

Walking around the ancient town of Hoi An, you will eventually come across a few street vendors with aluminum pots and several porcelain bowls around, and that is the identification of corn sweet soup stalls.

Here, the sweet soup is prepared in an extremely delicate way from the fragrant and sweet Cam Nam corn kernels that require a long chew to fully appreciate the rich flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.

Lotus leaf tea.

It’s just a cup of tea, but it’s cooked with lotus, which you already know, Quang Nam’s lotus is famous for its fragrance and it’s picked early in the morning, so when cooked, both the aroma of tea and lotus blend together in a unique way.

Cloud cake – a famous summer street food in Hoi An.

This cake is made from cassava flour, coconut milk, pandan leaves, etc. When eating it, you will feel the chewy texture, similar to the pork skin cake in the West. However, its sweetness is much milder, with a fragrant and diverse range of colors.

Tube ice cream – a famous summer street food in Hoi An.

This is a childhood food for many people, but now it’s still sold a lot on the streets of Hoi An. From coconut flavor, green bean, red bean, durian, etc., all the flavors have a nostalgic taste and only cost 5,000 VND per tube.

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