Suoi Tien Quang Nam | Review from A – Z the most beautiful and pristine stream

If you are feeling frustrated and suffocated by the pressure of work and life and want to leave the crowded and bustling city, find a fresh natural place, Tien Stream Quang Nam is the perfect suggestion. perfect for you! This is a famous ecotourism address of Quang country that Hoi An Private Car believes that you will be extremely impressed if you have the opportunity to visit. Let’s explore from A to Z this resort !

Overview of Tien stream in Quang Nam

Suoi Tien – a wild but beautiful stream

Suoi Tien is one of the few streams that still retains its pristine beauty, without much impact from outside factors.

Undoubtedly a place of fairyland, surrounded by Fairy Stream are rolling hills and green forests of one color. In the middle is a clear stream, lying soft and charming, making the atmosphere here extremely cool and fresh. Therefore, for a long time, Fairy Stream has been continuously in the top of the most popular eco-tourism destinations close to nature in Quang Nam.

Suoi Tien tourist area has a total area of ​​more than 11ha, of which 80% is forest. The tourist area is divided into 5 areas adjacent to each other, including entertainment areas, resorts, tourism, dining …

Location of Tien stream in Quang Nam 

Suoi Tien is located in hamlet 1, Que Hiep commune, Que Son district, Quang Nam province. This place has been developed and built into an eco-tourism area, but still retains its inherent pristine features.

Suoi Tien is an ideal picnic and resting place for locals and tourists from all over the world. In particular, this place has many interesting experience activities, extremely suitable for young tourists.

Legend of Tien stream in Quang Nam

Surely, you will be a little curious about the origin of the name Suoi Tien. Hoi An Private Car will tell you about the legend of this stream, before you officially set foot here to explore!

Legend has it that, in the past, Fairy Stream was dormant among tall trees, hiding from the sun. In the moonlit evenings, the fairies in the sky would descend to earth, sit down and play chess on the densely intertwined trees.

Suddenly, one day, a woodcutter happened to see the fairies playing chess, he was attracted to him, unable to leave. The woodcutter sat engrossedly watching the game, and when it was over, he got up and continued to cut wood.

But strangely, he saw that his ax and other tools had already rotted. Startled, he looked into the clear stream water and saw that his long hair and beard had turned silver.

On his forehead appeared the words “one day young fairy” – it turned out that a day watching the fairies play chess lasts as long as a hundred years in the lower world. Since then, people called this stream the fairy pond, and the place where the woodcutter watched the fairy play chess was Suoi Tien.

Instructions on how to go to Suoi Tien Quang Nam

Suoi Tien is a suitable tourist destination for those who are passionate about backpacking and experiencing travel. Visitors can choose one of two paths for you to come to Fairy Stream, follow the forest road or run along National Highway 1A.

  • Follow the forest road (For those who love “phot”): If you choose to go the forest road, follow the road connecting Que Xuan 2 to Que Long commune of Que Son district, Quang Nam. Note that there are often slippery rocks on this forest road, so be very careful.
  • Take National Highway 1A: From Quang Nam, run along National Highway 1A towards the North. To the territory of Huong An town, continue for about 40km along provincial road 611. Finally, you will have to go another 5km of forest road in the west to reach Tien stream.

When is the best time to go to Tien stream in Quang Nam?

For outdoor eco-tourism sites, especially areas with waterfalls, rivers and streams, etc., the most appropriate time is during the dry season of that region.

With the Quang Nam Tien Stream tourist area , Hoi An Private Car suggests you should choose the period from April to September to go. At this time, the weather is dry, sunny, with little rain, suitable for outdoor activities and picnics.

Absolutely do not go to Tien stream in the rainy season, because at this time the water flow from the waterfall is very strong, the water is fast, it is quite dangerous for visitors when going through the stream. Not to mention, the risk of tube floods and flash floods upstream is very likely to happen.

Exciting experiences for visitors when coming to Tien stream in Quang Nam

What is “hot” in Suoi Tien, what interesting activities are waiting for visitors at Fairy Stream, making it one of the most popular eco-tourist addresses in Quang Nam? Let’s take a look at the experiences not to be missed when coming here!

Excursion of 14 “unique” waterfalls

Suoi Tien is favored by mother nature with its own poetic and rustic beauty. Lying in the middle of thousands of mountains and forests in Quang, Fairy Stream is like a highlight for the space here to be more soft and attractive to visitors.

The first experience for you when coming here is to visit 14 “unique” waterfalls, with a total height of up to 400 meters.

Each waterfall has its own beauty, “ten of ten”. To admire all 14 waterfalls, visitors can follow the trails on both sides of the stream or go along the stream bed.

The more you move to the top of the waterfalls, the more you will have to be impressed by the greatness and massiveness of the rocks stacked on top of each other in the clear stream water.

All create a charming, cool and fresh space that is rarely found anywhere else. Coming here, you will find yourself relaxed, physically and mentally being “refreshed” completely.

Soak and bathe your eyes in the Fairy Stream

Going to the stream is indispensable for bathing in the stream! Imagine that, after a long and tiring walk and losing strength to reach Tien Quang Nam stream , now, you just need to jump down to be able to immerse yourself in the cool, clear water.

The feeling of having fun, having a cool bath, and looking at the vast and majestic space of the mountains is really great, isn’t it? Not to mention, you will be treated to the chorus of nature, with the sound of birds singing, murmuring streams, and soothing and relaxing rustling leaves. Make sure all fatigue and worries will be sent to the wind to fly away.

Camping by the stream

In the cool space by the stream, visitors can choose for themselves a spacious, flat place to camp. You will relax in the cool breeze of the forest, watching the majestic mountain scenery. At night, the high and wide sky here will surely shimmer magically by the night stars.

If you feel cold by the mountain wind, let’s light a fire, sit around together, talk, sing, make a BBQ. This is an extremely ideal experience for groups of young people who love adventure and travel.

Fishing, BBQ party at Tien stream in Quang Nam

Going fishing is an activity that those who love peace, looking for relaxing moments in a quiet space, enjoy!

Sitting next to the stream, you will enjoy the cool breeze, drop your soul in the middle of the vast mountains. The fish here is a large and delicious freshwater fish, if you love this fishing, this is a suitable place for fishing and weekend camping.

You and your family can bring a charcoal stove, prepare pre-marinated meat and seafood, add some vegetables, fruits and drinks… and you’ve got yourself a hearty barbecue.

Admiring the romantic sunset while enjoying delicious food with loved ones is what Hoi An Private Car believes everyone likes. Not to mention, you definitely don’t miss the sunrise and catch the first rays of the morning sun the next day!

Check-in amidst the dreamy natural space of Fairy Stream

Photos to save memorable moments with friends and relatives are an indispensable part of every trip. Coming to Tien stream, you will be satisfied with your passion for “virtual living” with countless cool green backgrounds. In the midst of the vast and majestic nature, choose for yourself the softest, most comfortable outfits to relax in shape.

Hoi An Private Car suggests girls should choose for themselves a flowing maxi dress or a vintage outfit. Make sure you will not lose much effort and still have yourself countless beautiful and charming pictures at the poetic space of Tien Stream in Quang Nam .

Visit the relic area of ​​Ba Thao female volunteer battalion

The relic of the female volunteer battalion is located next to Tien stream, this is a famous revolutionary address, which also preserves the vestiges of the resistance war against the US.

If you are a history lover, do not forget to visit this relic site after you have immersed yourself in the charming nature and cool water of Ao Tien! You will have the opportunity to relive the heroic memories of your father when you come here.

List of tourist attractions near Tien stream in Quang Nam

Suoi Tien is really interesting and attractive, worthy of a choice not to be missed for tourists who love ecotourism. In addition to Tien stream, Quang Nam also has tourist attractions close to nature that are worth a visit.

1. Go to Le pass to eat bamboo and chicken and bathe in Nuoc Mat stream

First, it must be mentioned Le pass tourist area – cool spring, located in Que Son, Quang Nam, very close to Tien stream. From Da Nang, follow National Highway 1A to the south about 35km, to Huong An junction of Que Son district. Then, follow the provincial road DT 611 to the west about 30km to Le pass.

Going to Le pass, Nuoc Mat stream, you will be extremely impressed with the cool water of nature and mountains here. The cool water flowing from the high mountains down to the cliffs will create a very poetic scene.

Coming to Le pass, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy Bamboo chicken, a famous local specialty. Le Pass Tre chicken is a free-range chicken, eating natural food, so it is extremely sweet, fragrant, and firm. Chicken is processed into many dishes such as grilled chicken, mixed chicken, steamed lemon leaves, braised chicken, etc. are all super attractive.

2. Islet of Rock Stops

Hon Kem Da Stop is located at the upstream of Thu Bon River, between Hiep Duc and Que Son districts, Quang Nam province. Like Tien stream in Quang Nam , this place owns a majestic landscape with a cool climate all year round.

The best time to visit this tourist destination is early in the morning. Because at that time, the space here was extremely peaceful and quiet. Combined with the beautiful and poetic natural scenery hidden in the morning mist, it will surely make thousands of people fall in love.

3. Phu Ninh Lake – A beautiful eco-tourism area like a picture

Phu Ninh lake tourist area is located in Nui Thanh and Phu Ninh districts, Quang Nam – about 7km from Tam Ky city to the west. This is the second largest artificial reservoir in Vietnam, with an area of ​​more than 23,000 hectares, including 30 large and small islands. Therefore, this place is considered as the “green pearl” of the Central region, attracting a large number of tourists to the resort.

4. Bac Tra My tourist area

Bac Tra My tourist area is located about 50km west of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. Along with Quang Nam Tien Stream , this is a fairly new eco-tourism area of ​​the mountainous district of Bac Tra My.

Previously, this mountainous district was only known as a famous specialized farming area of ​​Quang Nam. Only recently, Bac Tra My has developed tourism by taking advantage of nature’s favor for wild and majestic landscapes.

Not to mention here, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the unique cultural features of the ethnic minority people in the mountainous district of Quang Nam.

List of hotels and motels near Tien stream in Quang Nam

Que Son district is located about 30km west of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province, 40km southwest of Da Nang center. Coming to the tourist sites here, you will definitely have to find out where to stay first, if you intend to stay overnight.

Because there are not many luxury hotels here, most of them are homestays, motels and hotels under 5 stars. So find out and book in advance to take the initiative for your trip! Here is a list of some hotels / motels in Que Son that Hoi An Private Car recommends for visitors:

  • LeeShin Hotel

Address: No. 11, Le Huu Phan Street, Dong Phu Town, Que Son District, Quang Nam.

  • Oriental Hostel

Address: Provincial road 611, Phu Tho, Que Son district, Quang Nam.

  • Tan Phu Hostel

Address: No. 10 Phan Thanh Street, Dong Phu Town, Que Son District, Quang Nam.

  • Guest House Mimosa

Address: Dong Phu town, Que Son district, Quang Nam

  • Quang Loi Guest House

Address: No. 90 Trung Nu Vuong Street, Dong Phu Town, Que Son District, Quang Nam.

Pocket experience exploring Tien stream in Quang Nam

If you have the opportunity to travel in Fairy Stream, Hoi An Private Car will share some of the following experiences to make your trip with your family and loved ones the most complete!

  • Because it is an outdoor eco-tourism site, there are many interesting activities, so at least you will stay here for a day. Don’t forget to bring snacks, drinks, fruits and some snacks to fuel your stomach and recharge!
  • Remember to prepare umbrellas, coats, hats and apply sunscreen to protect your skin and health, in case of erratic weather.
  • For picnics, remember to bring tents or prepare mats and tarpaulins for eating and resting.
  • Going to Tien stream in Quang Nam, surely we cannot miss the opportunity to bathe in the stream, enjoy immersing in the cool water. Therefore, remember to prepare more swimsuits and scarves, clothes to change after going down to the stream to bathe.
  • Suoi Tien eco-tourism area is very large and unspoiled, so visitors need to follow a group or ask a guide or local people to lead the way to avoid getting lost.
  • Absolutely do not explore the stream in the rainy season because at this time the water flows fast, the rocks are very slippery and dangerous .

After long tiring days with deadlines, with so much pressure, coming to Tien stream in Quang Nam is an opportunity for you to shake off all worries and sorrows of life. Immerse yourself in nature, listen to the murmuring springs and immerse yourself in the whispers of the wind and the singing of birds calling at Fairy Stream.

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