Things To Do In Hoi An
In the journey to explore Quang Nam, it is almost impossible not to spare a little time to revisit Hoi An, to admire the beauty of the Japanese Bridge. With a history spanning 4,000 years, the Japanese Bridge in Hoi An still retains its original charm, serving as evidence of a glorious and bustling era...
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Hoi An is known as one of the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam, a tranquil city with many beautiful scenes. Travelers who come here not only delight in the ancient and romantic ambiance but also have the opportunity to take stunning Instagram-worthy photos and “collect” incredibly cool shots. Many couples also choose to come here...
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Vegetarian restaurants in Hoi An are increasingly sought after and chosen by many diners. The vegetarian dishes, prepared skillfully and meticulously, offer a unique and delightful taste. Take note of the addresses of these top famous vegetarian restaurants in Hoi An in this article. Besides the famous specialties of Hoi An like Cao Lau, Chicken...
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