Thanh Ha pottery village – The more than 500-year-old contemplative beauty of Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town has long been famous as an ancient town that still preserves the beauty of traditional architecture with more than 1000 architectural monuments from streets, houses, assembly halls, communal houses, pagodas, ethnic churches. , ancient wells to traditional craft villages … In which, Thanh Ha pottery village will make visitors fall in love with its rustic beauty but lasting with the years. If you love Hoi An because of its idyllic beauty, this pottery village is a Hoi An tourist destination that Hoi An Private Car Transfer believes you cannot miss.

The history of the village includes Thanh Ha

Thanh Ha Pottery Village is the name of a pottery village in the old Thanh Ha village, located 3km west of Hoi An town center.

Pottery is a traditional craft with a long history not only in Hoi An but also in the whole Quang Nam region. During the Middle Ages, the development of the pottery village was always closely associated with the port town of Hoi An, interacting with each other.

Hoi An trading port began to develop strongly from the end of the 16th century, Hoi An at this time was not only a transit station on the international maritime trade route but also the largest and busiest trading port in the Southeast region. ASIAN.

The prosperity of the port town of Hoi An not only helps Quang Nam trade flourish, but also opens up opportunities for traditional crafts and small industries to be formed and developed to serve trade. trade and the needs of the people. In which, pottery was born and became the main occupation of residents living in Thanh Ha village.

From the seventeenth to eighteenth centuries, Thanh Ha pottery village was associated with the prosperity of the port town of Hoi An, both strongly influenced and contributed to that prosperity.

Today, Thanh Ha pottery village not only maintains production activities, so ceramic tools and utensils, but also becomes a tourist village attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and learn.

Reference: Introduction to Hoi An Ancient Town – Unesco recognized as a world heritage

Where is Thanh Ha Pottery Village located?

The pottery village is located about 3km west of the center of Hoi An – Quang Nam ancient town, next to the peaceful and flowing Thu Bon river all year round, creating a poetic and rustic beauty.

Containing an ancient and unique beauty, Thanh Ha Hoi An pottery village  is the “standard without adjustment” choice for tourists who love to learn about traditional culture and want to get away from the crowded, bustling city and find home. peaceful place.

Guide to move to the pottery village

From the center of Hoi An, visitors drive along the Hung Vuong route. At Duy Tan Street, continue to run for another 500 meters, until you reach the intersection, turn left.

So you have arrived at Thanh Ha pottery village. The route is extremely easy to go and there are signs so visitors don’t have to worry at all!

Suitable means of transportation

As mentioned above, the pottery village is only about 3km from the center of Hoi An ancient town, so suggests that you can choose from many different types of vehicles depending on the conditions and needs to move.

You can choose to have a Private car, motorbike or ride a bicycle to the pottery village from the center of Hoi An town.

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What is the best season to visit Thanh Ha Pottery Village?

To be able to comfortably visit and check-in at the pottery village, it is best to come here in the dry season, from March to September. Because this is the time when the air is cool, fresh and sunny. and rarely rain or storm, so you can walk freely.

In particular, if you come to Hoi An in January every year, you will be able to participate in many traditional local festivals.

On the 10th day of the first lunar month every year, at Thanh Ha pottery village , there will be an ancestor worship ceremony, this is an opportunity for people to gather here to carry out a procession procession for the craft ancestors, participate in fun folk games and pray. Looking forward to a prosperous new year.

Come here in the dry season so you can walk around comfortably and see the full beauty of the pottery village

Ticket price, opening time of Thanh Ha Pottery Village Hoi An

  • Opening hours to welcome guests at Thanh Ha Pottery Village: From 8:00 to 17:30 daily, from Monday to Sunday.
  • Ticket price: 35,000 VND/adult and 15,000 VND/child. The ticket price includes: Visiting the pottery village, directly watching the artisans create ceramic works, discovering Dinh Xuan My relics, relics of the craft ancestors…

“Must try” experiences when coming to Thanh Ha pottery village

Thanh Ha pottery is unique and beautiful because the souls of artisans in Hoi An have devoted their love to pottery to make beautiful and elaborate items. This place is waiting for visitors to explore and experience. Join to find out what you can’t help but try when coming to the pottery village.

Preserve beautiful moments

Thanh Ha Pottery Village has bold architecture of a Vietnamese village, very peaceful and poetic. Therefore, when you come here, don’t forget to dress up in a graceful and lovely outfit to “drop your figure” and pose for a picture.

Or if you want to be more comfortable and simple, vintage style clothes are also a reasonable choice. In Thanh Ha village, there are countless beautiful backgrounds waiting for “virtual living” believers!

Visit the space of a pottery village that is more than 500 years old

Thanh Ha Pottery Village has been around for more than 500 years, so this is a place to keep a lot of traditional values. Coming here, visitors not only have the opportunity to visit and see unique and beautiful ceramic products, but also learn the whole interesting history related to Thanh Ha village.

In addition, if you come here on the right occasion of January, Hoi An in general and the pottery village in particular have many unique and interesting festivals for visitors to participate in.

At Thanh Ha pottery village, on January 10 every year, there is a ceremony to worship the craft ancestors, this is the occasion for people to gather here to carry out the procession of the craft ancestor’s palanquin, participate in fun folk games such as sharpening wood, cooking rice. pot… and pray for a peaceful new year, smooth sailing and development.

Visit Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

Terracotta Park is known as the miniature world of Vietnamese pottery, with the largest “super giant” area in the country – up to nearly 6000m2.

Pottery village has many interesting places to explore

This is also the place to preserve and keep the ceramic products of Thanh Ha pottery village to introduce Vietnamese ceramic products to tourists from all over the world.

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See the skillful hands creating the ceramic works

Not only walking and sightseeing, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy an extremely interesting experience: Admire the ceramic making process of artisans.

Clay is the main raw material to create unique ceramic products in Thanh Ha pottery village. Artists will use their ingenuity and sophistication to “transform” the rough and rustic clay blocks into extremely beautiful ceramic products.

It sounds simple, but having to witness firsthand the process of creating elaborate art, billions of mines, requiring a lot of experience and techniques, you really admire the talent of the artisans.

There are many stages of creating a ceramic product: Shaping clay on the turntable, painting decoration, drying the pottery and putting it into the kiln… Thanh Ha craftsman is not only creative and skillful but also creative. They are also extremely passionate about their job when they always gently cherish and send their souls into each block of land.

Not only skillful and creative, these workers must have patience and especially a strong love for pottery to be able to sit for hours meticulously, cherishing and caring for each “elite child”. god” with his own personal style.

Unleash your creativity and show your ingenuity when making your own ceramic items

An interesting experience that will surely make not only adults but also young tourists fascinated, never leaving the pottery village, is to participate in the stages of creating ceramic products with their own hands.

Visitors can unleash their creativity and show their ingenuity, testing their patience level. Don’t worry if you’re not very skillful and don’t know where to start!

You will be directly guided and assisted by ceramic artists, so everyone will surely have finished products that are satisfactory ceramic items and items.

Choose to buy beautiful and useful small ceramic items

Coming to the pottery village, it is impossible not to buy a few beautiful and unique items to use, or simply to keep as a memorial, or to give as a gift to relatives and friends.


Tips to visit Thanh Ha pottery village self-sufficient

  • If you travel to the pottery village with your family, especially in large groups with young children, you should maintain order and remind the children not to run and jump, be too active to avoid spilling and breaking ceramic products. ceramic.
  • The pottery village has a very large space, so recommends that you wear comfortable, neat clothes, low-heeled shoes/sports shoes for convenience for sightseeing and moving. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, wear a hat…when moving outdoors for a long time.
  • If you want to participate in the biggest festival of the year of Thanh Ha pottery village, with many interesting activities, come here on the 10th day of the first lunar month every year.
  • When participating in pottery making, visitors should stay away from the kiln area because it is very hot and can be dangerous.
  • It is recommended to wear neat, light, good sweat-absorbent clothes and sports shoes to facilitate moving and visiting the pottery village.
  • In addition to the entrance ticket, you can consider buying a few more beautiful small items, both to bring back to use, as souvenirs, and to support the people of the pottery village.

Check-in location near Thanh Ha pottery village

Pho Hoi is famous as an ancient town that still preserves the beauty of traditional architecture with more than 1000 architectural monuments from streets, houses, assembly halls, communal houses, pagodas, ethnic churches, ancient wells to temples. Therefore, even if your feet are tired, you cannot fully explore Hoi An if you only have a modest time. Around Thanh Ha pottery village, there are still many other attractive places that visitors can combine to visit.

Hoi An Silk Village

Hoi An Silk Village is located at Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Hoi An Ancient Town, Quang Nam. Silk village is a place to display and transmit the traditional silk weaving and incubation of this land of Hoi An.

Facing the disappearance of silk weaving, Quang Nam Silk Joint Stock Company has restored the craft village, turning the silk village into not only a place to produce and sell silk products but also attract tourists to come here. visit.

Hoi An silk village vividly recreates the life of weavers, helping tourists near and far to know about the origin of the “sea silk road” in the 17th century. In addition, visiting the silk village, you will also learn about the process of weaving shiny, soft and colorful silks, choosing the best products yourself.

Hoi An

Coming to Hoi An, 100% of visitors will definitely have to stop and walk around the old town. This place is famous in the world since ancient times as a busy international port, a place of trade and business of traders from China, Japan and Western countries.

Today, after hundreds of years of development, Hoi An town has become the perfect attraction, captivating visitors by the ancient beauty of its golden walls and mossy red tiled roofs lying on the winding Hoai River. soft

The “specialty” of Hoi An is the colorful lanterns, making Hoi An at night shimmering and fanciful, mesmerizing even the most fastidious tourists.


Bay Mau coconut forest ecological area

If you want to experience the feeling of traveling between the four sides of the western river in Hoi An, come to Bay Mau coconut forest. This is the last address that Hoi An Private Car’s suggests visitors to combine in their journey back to Thanh Ha pottery village.

Coconut forest is located in Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An, about 4km from the old town. The entrance ticket price is 30,000 VND/person; Ticket price for renting a basket boat: 150,000 VND/boat; Ticket price for renting a boat for 4 people) is 200,000 VND/boat.

Suggestions for places to eat near Thanh Ha pottery village

After a long day of traveling, discovering the beauty of the pottery village, the old town… maybe your “hungry stomach” is starting to rumble already! What is more wonderful than stopping at a few eateries and restaurants near the pottery village to enjoy dishes with bold flavors of Quang cuisine.

Quang Noodles – Cao Lau Bich

  • Address: No. 272 ​​Hung Vuong Street, usually Thanh Ha, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Quang noodles and Cao Lau are two specialties that have long made the brand name of Hoi town. Coming to Hoi An without enjoying these two dishes, your trip will not be complete.

A bowl of standard Quang noodles in Hoi An here includes white or light yellow noodles made from rice flour, served with a hot and sweet broth that compares to shrimp, pork, fish, chicken… When eating, don’t forget add toppings are rice paper, roasted peanuts, raw vegetables, herbs, fresh chili … to make the taste of the dish more special.

Hoi An Cao Lau is also a must-try dish when coming to the restaurant, this dish is originated from China – Not only delicious, attractive but also the pride of the culinary culture of Hoi An people.

Coconut Flower Perfume Restaurant

  • Address: Van Lang Village, Cam Thanh Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam

A special thing when coming to Huong Hoa Coconut is that visitors will be able to directly walk around the local market to visit, buy the freshest ingredients and cook it themselves.

The restaurant’s chef will directly teach you how to cook dishes in the style of Quang cuisine. What’s more wonderful than learning about the local lifestyle and culture, while enjoying a multitude of delicious dishes.

Not only that, you can cruise on the river by local people’s coconut boats when going to the market, this is an extremely enjoyable experience for foreign tourists.

Hotpot and Grilled Anh Boa

  • Address: 15 La Hoi, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Coming to Thanh Ha pottery village, do not forget to visit Anh Ba grill and hot pot restaurant to enjoy delicious grilled dishes and hot pot with extremely affordable prices. The space is spacious and airy, an ideal choice if you go with a group of friends or family.

Experiencing many changes of the times, the downs and downs of history, Hoi An town still retains its ancient, quiet and mossy features in each tile roof, brick, tree line… Not only that, traditional craft villages Traditional traditions such as Thanh Ha pottery village have helped preserve and promote the cultural beauty of the rustic people here. This is also the reason why tourists from all over the world love and are attached to Hoi An every time they come back to Hoi An.

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