Ticket price list to visit Hoi An Ancient Town 2024

Ticket price list to visit Hoi An Ancient Town 2024  – Referring to Hoi An Ancient Town, people often think of a famous tourist destination of Vietnam, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. Hoi An Ancient Town was recognized as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2019, which is an honor not only for the people of Quang Nam but also for Vietnam. To maintain, preserve and develop Hoi An ancient town, it takes a lot of funding to repair every year, so selling tickets to Hoi An ancient town is one of the sources of socialization funding, which you have contributed to. take an active part in the construction and conservation of this tourist site.

In this article, Hoi An Tourism Web will introduce to you the details of the latest price list of tickets to visit Hoi An Ancient Town 2023 . Tourist attractions that cost money to visit and places that are free to visit in Hoi An.

The places in Hoi An ancient town need to buy tickets to visit

To visit the monuments of the cultural heritage of Hoi An ancient town, it is mandatory that you buy an entrance ticket at the ticket counters. Here are the tourist attractions in the old town that you must take tickets to.

  • Cultural works : Quan Cong Temple, Cau Pagoda, Cam Pho Communal House, Tuy Tien Duong Minh Huong.
  • Ancient  houses: Phung Hung ancient house, Duc An ancient house, Quan Thang ancient house.
  • Church  : Church of the Tran family, Church of the Nguyen family.
  • Museum  : Folklore, Trade Ceramics, Sa Huynh Culture, Hoi An.
  • Assembly Hall  : Trieu Chau, Fujian, Quang Trieu and Hainan.
  • Tomb of Japanese merchants  : Gu Sokukun, Tani Yajirobei, Banjiro
  • Origin of Dang Trong and see traditional art performances (at 10:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. daily)

In addition, when buying tickets to visit, people can also participate in activities, folk games, street performances in Hoi An every day from 19:00 to 20:30.


Ticket price to visit Hoi An ancient town 2024

To visit the places of Hoi An ancient town that I have listed above, you must buy a ticket to visit Hoi An. Tickets to Hoi An are regulated for Vietnamese and foreign tourists as follows:

  • Ticket price for Vietnamese guests: 80,000 VND/1 person
  • Ticket price for international guests: 150,000 VND / 1 person

Having been present in Hoi An ancient town, you should not hesitate to buy tickets to visit Hoi An  or not. Because it is also very meaningful for you to contribute to the repair and preservation of the old town for future generations.

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Ticket price to visit Hoi An – free places

For those of you who do not have the need to visit the above tourist attractions in Hoi An, but only need to walk the old town, eat typical Hoi An cuisine or take beautiful pictures of Hoi An Ancient Town, You do not need to buy tickets to visit the old town of Hoi An. The free Hoi An tourist attractions are outside attractions except for the ticketed attractions listed above.

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Ticket price to visit Hoi An – places far from the old town

In addition to the attractions in Hoi An ancient town, there are other famous places far from Hoi An ancient town, which attract tourists to visit tourist attractions in Hoi An such as:

  • Thanh Ha Pottery Village: Is one of the places that attracts a lot of tourists, about 07km from the center of Hoi An ancient town. It is divided into 2 typical zones: Traditional Pottery Village and Terracotta Park. Ticket price here is: 35,000 VND / 1 person and get 1 ceramic product for free.
  • Tra Que Vegetable Village : A place that attracts many international tourists to experience how to work in the fields, how to grow vegetables and enjoy the rustic dishes of Hoi An. Ticket price here is 10,000VND/domestic and 20,000VND/international
  • Tam Thanh seven-acre coconut forest : This is a famous attraction and attracts a lot of tourists, especially Korean and Chinese tourists. Coming here, you can experience sitting in a basket boat to visit, listen to the unique singing and enjoy the interesting basket dance performance here. Ticket price for 1 basket for 2 people is 150,000 VND/carton excluding meals
  • Cu Lao Cham Island : One of the famous island tourist destinations of Quang Nam, you can take a canoe at Cua Dai, moving about 30 minutes to the island. Watching the blue sea, white sand, diving to see corals, swimming and enjoying the famous seafood of the Central region.

     + CANO ticket to the island  : Price 650,000 VND / 1 person (Including round trip canoe, normal coral diving, dining and sightseeing tickets)
     + Scuba diving ticket  : 800,000 VND / 1 person.
     + Ticket to walk under the Ocean  : 1,300,000 VND / 1 person

  • Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An : is a newly opened tourist complex invested and built by VinGroup, with a large scale in the Central region. Coming to Vinpearl Hoi An, you will experience thrilling games, play water parks, visit the zoo and other extremely attractive places. Tickets to visit Vinpearl Hoi An: Adults 550,000 VND – Children 50% off.

Should you buy tickets to visit Hoi An ancient town?

However, depending on the actual needs of your travel to make a decision whether to buy tickets to visit the relics of Hoi An ancient town or not? However, in my opinion, if you want to learn about the history, culture and people of Hoi An, you should buy tickets to visit the spots, because you have just discovered Hoi An and understand about Hoi An. If you don’t have a need to learn, you can also have fun visiting Hoi An ancient town without buying a ticket.

If you go with a group of young people, like freedom and calendar, you should buy it. But if you go with a family with small children, it is too difficult to learn the culture, so just walking around Hoi An ancient town will also give you a new experience about this land.

If you are young, dynamic people who like to freely learn and do not have the need to understand too deeply about the culture in Hoi An, it is not necessary to buy a ticket when coming here. Because I’m young, I can come here many times and depending on the budget I have on this trip.

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