Top 10 Hoi An specialties must try when traveling

xWhat to eat in Hoi An, what is the specialty of Hoi An? What to buy when traveling to Hoi An? These are frequently asked questions when you are planning to explore Hoi An ancient town – one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. Hoi An ancient town is not only famous for its old street corners but also known as a culinary paradise, with dishes with very specific flavors and extremely attractive to diners. Let’s find out the Top 10 specialties of Hoi An!

Hoi An Ancient Town has an area not too large, you can walk all day or all day here, you can enjoy almost all the “quintessence” of Hoi An’s cuisine. Moreover, the price is extremely affordable, from the street vendor to the store, the price is not over the difference.

Hoi An specialties – Cao Lau

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Cao Lau is the “soul” of Hoi An cuisine, or if you have never eaten Cao Lau, you have never been to Hoi An. Because this is considered a typical dish for the old beauty of the old town.

Cao Lau noodles are mixed with ashes of Melaleuca firewood, so they have a bright yellow color and special flavor. This specialty of Hoi An is usually served with a bit of rich broth and added shrimp, pork, char siu, raw vegetables….

It is not too difficult to find a shop selling standard Cao Lau in Hoi An. From the street vendors to the stalls are always crowded with diners to enjoy.

Hoi An specialty – Quang Noodles

Quang noodles are a common specialty of the Central region, but Hoi An still has quite typical features. Quang noodles are soft, milky white, and slightly chewy, still retaining the aroma of rice mixed in rich, fatty broth. This dish is served with raw vegetables, roasted peanuts, shrimp, meat, poached eggs… Of course, a piece of crispy rice paper with the right taste of Central people is indispensable.

Hoi An specialty – Wonton

Integration from Chinese cuisine, but Hoi An wonton has been somewhat localized, so it has a very pure Vietnamese flavor. The wonton shell is fried until golden brown, still retaining its softness to embrace the inside with shrimp meat. This specialty is often served with pork liver, chives, peach eggs, etc. Hoi An wonton is divided into 2 types, dry fried and eaten with broth.

Hoi An specialty – Stir-fried mussel crackers

Stir-fried mussel crackers or in many places also known as fried mussel rice paper, but when enjoyed in Hoi An ancient town, this specialty will have a very different taste. Because the ingredients for making cakes or raising mussels in each place will be different, depending on the environment and climate there.

Mussels here are stir-fried with laksa leaves, onions, fried onions, peanuts, chili sauce,… Then, break the pound cake, the rice paper cake into small pieces, eat it with mussels dipped with chili sauce or separate broth.

Hoi An specialty – Chicken rice

Hoi An chicken rice is a specialty that has almost become popular and loved nationwide. That’s enough to see, how attractive and delicious this dish is. Of course, to fully enjoy this culinary quintessence, you must go to its homeland.

The most famous Hoi An chicken rice is probably the Ba Buoi chicken rice shop. If you want to enjoy this specialty once at the place of creation, you will have to come early before 6 pm, because it is often crowded here, so it runs out of stock early. Best taken at noon.

Hoi An chicken rice is actually very sophisticatedly processed such as: rice is marinated with spices, cooked with boiled water and with pandan leaves and cooked with a wood stove. After the chicken is cooked, it must be shredded and mixed with countless other spices and raw vegetables. A complete plate of rice must have papaya, cucumber, Tra Que vegetables and a bowl of hot soup…

Specialty Banh Beo

Banh beo is a very popular Hoi An specialty snack. Although this dish has gradually become popular in many provinces and cities, the way to eat it is only in Hoi An old town that has its own uniqueness. Here, not using chopsticks or forks, but using a small bamboo stick shaped into a blade, called a “bamboo knife” to eat cakes.

Banh beo ingredients include steamed rice water to form a cake shell. Filled with shrimp, chopped meat is marinated with spices and then fried. Fatty cakes are often dipped with chili lime fish sauce.

Specialty Wet cake with grilled meat

Add a specialty snack of Hoi An ancient town that captivates gourmets. In terms of making and ingredients, it will be the same as the rolls including: Wet cake used to wrap, rolled with grilled skewers, peanuts, raw vegetables and sweet and salty dipping sauce. This dish is sold a lot at street stalls next to Hoai River.

Hoi An specialty – Cauldron cake

At first glance, Hoi An Vac cake will look similar to Hanoi roll cake, but the crust is made from flour that is carefully filtered to achieve clarity but still retain its softness and embrace the filling. If the banh cuon is filled with meat and wood ear, the cauldron cake is shrimp and meat. Hoi An Vac cake is shaped like white rose petals, sprinkled with some fried onions on top, dipped with spicy chili garlic fish sauce.

Hoi An specialty – Pancakes

This snack is present throughout the S-shaped strip of land, but if you have come to Hoi An, you should also once enjoy the skills of the chefs of Quang, I think in each place the taste will still have its own characteristics. own display. The filling of Hoi An pancakes is also made from bean sprouts, shrimp, meat …, wrapped by crispy golden crust. This dish is often served with raw vegetables, sweet and sour fish sauce to reduce the taste.

Specialty snacks

Some other snacks that must be mentioned when traveling to Hoi An ancient town include: various kinds of tea, Hoi An bread, shrimp ram, pork rice paper rolls, cassava noodle soup, grilled fish, mixed bamboo shoots, eel porridge green, cake, filter cake…

How To Get To Hoi An

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