What time does Ba Na Hill open and when is the best time to depart from Da Nang?

What are the operating hours of the cable car routes and how much are the ticket prices? Let’s update the latest information about Ba Na Hill tourist site to find the answer to these questions on Private Car Transfer Hoi An here.

Introduction to Ba Na Hill tourism paradise

Ba Na Hill tourist site is a famous destination in Da Nang, located on the top of Chua mountain range belonging to the entertainment brand Sun World. Only about 20km from the city center, this place is a combination of top-notch resort tourism and entertainment.

Not only famous for natural wonders, Ba Na is also famous for 5 cable car routes and over 20 impressive artificial structures. Some interesting places that you must visit include the French village area, Golden Bridge, Linh Ung Pagoda, amusement park, and Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden.

What time does Ba Na Hill open?

Ba Na Hill usually has fixed opening hours, but they may change on holidays and festivals. Therefore, to avoid missing the visiting time, visitors should check the schedule beforehand to update any changes. Specifically, to know what time Ba Na Hill opens and closes this month, please refer to the information below.

Visiting hours of Ba Na Hill

The opening hours of Ba Na Hill are from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm every day of the week. Visitors can start buying tickets directly at the counter from 7:00 am, which is also the time when there are not many people.

However, for amusement areas such as cable cars, Fantasy Park, and mountain climbing trains, they will start from 8:00 am and end early at 5:00 pm. All locations in Ba Na are open during lunchtime and do not close to serve customers with the most comfortable experience.

If visitors go to Ba Na on weekdays, they can move around comfortably without rushing because the number of visitors is not too large. However, if they visit on holidays or weekends, they should come early or buy tickets online to avoid wasting time waiting.

Operating hours of Ba Na Hill cable car.

As Ba Na Hill is located on the top of Mount Chua, with an altitude of 1,487m above sea level, the only means of transportation to get there is by cable car. This service will start operating from 7:30am and the last trip will be at 9:30pm daily.

The cable car system is divided into 5 lines, including 3 main lines and 2 auxiliary lines. Specifically, the schedules for the 3 main lines are as follows:

  1. Line 1 cable car from Hoi An Ba Na station to Marseille station: There are a total of 5 trips starting from 7:30am – 11:30am. Trip 1 (7:30am – 7:45am), trip 2 (8:30am – 8:45am), trip 3 (9:30am – 9:45am), trip 4 (10:30am – 10:45am), trip 5 (11:30am – 11:45am).
  2. Line 2 cable car from Debay station to Morin station: There are a total of 6 trips operating from 7:30am – 9:30pm. Trip 1 (7:30am – 9:30am), trip 2 (10:00am – 12:30pm), trip 3 (1:00pm – 2:00pm), trip 4 (4:00pm – 5:30pm), trip 5 (6:45pm – 7:30pm), trip 6 (8:45pm – 9:30pm).
  3. Line 3 cable car from L’indochine station to Thac Toc Tien station: There are a total of 8 trips from 12:30pm – 9:15pm. Trip 1 (12:30pm – 12:45pm), trip 2 (10:00am – 12:30pm), trip 3 (3:00pm – 3:15pm), trip 4 (4:00pm – 4:15pm), trip 5 (5:00pm – 5:30pm), trip 6 (7:00pm – 7:15pm), trip 7 (8:00pm – 8:15pm), trip 8 (9:00pm – 9:15pm).

The two auxiliary cable car lines at Suoi Mo and Ba Na stations only serve in case of support when the main stations are overloaded. Therefore, tourists can comfortably choose their cable car travel time that suits their itinerary.

Duration of leisure activities

Apart from paying attention to the opening hours of Ba Na Hill and the operating hours of the cable car, tourists should also consult information about other services. Among them, popular activities such as the train and amusement park are only available from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily.

Departure time from Da Nang to Ba Na Hill

Ba Na Hill is famous for its fascinating natural landscape and impressive artificial constructions. Typically, tourists choose to go on a one-day tour of Ba Na Hill to experience it all. To fully explore all the attractions in this short period of time, you need to arrange your time wisely.

The tourist area starts to open at 7:30 a.m., but with the additional time needed for ticket purchase, parking, and walking, it will take about 30 minutes. Therefore, you can start arriving here from 7:00 a.m. In case you want to start in the afternoon, the most suitable time to start is from 11:00 a.m. Because the weather here gets dark quickly, if you go too late, even though the tourist area is still open, your enjoyment may be affected to some extent.

How to Get from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills: A Guide to Traveling in Central Vietnam

Ticket prices for Ba Na Hill and where to buy them the cheapest?

When planning a visit to Ba Na Hill, in addition to finding out what time Ba Na Hill opens, updating ticket prices is extremely important. According to the latest information updated at the direct and online ticket sales office, ticket prices at the entrance gate and cable car in 2023 will remain the same.

Ticket prices will be divided into two types applicable to two main groups, local residents and out-of-province tourists. Specifically, the cable car price for Da Nang residents will be from 400,000 – 500,000 VND/ticket and the price for out-of-province tourists is from 650,000 – 800,000 VND/ticket. For the complete price list and regulations on Ba Na Hill cable car tickets, please refer here. Currently, tourists can buy cable car tickets in 3 ways:

  • Buy tickets directly at Ba Na Hill gate, starting selling from 7:00 – 17:00 on weekdays.
  • Buy tickets online on the official website of Sun World Ba Na Hills.
  • Buy tickets through the offices and agents of Ba Na Hill.

Frequently asked questions when traveling to Ba Na Hills

Despite being famous for its beautiful and attractive scenery, Ba Na Hills still has some existing issues such as high prices and accommodation and entertainment services. Based on practical experience, Private Car Transfer Hoi An will answer the most frequently asked questions by tourists when visiting here.

Is it advisable to eat at Ba Na Hills or not?

The food and accommodation services at Ba Na Hills are famously expensive. However, the tourist site now has regulations that do not allow visitors to bring outside food in order to protect the environment. Therefore, if you plan to spend the entire day here, you must find a place to eat and rest. If you want to save costs, you can choose to eat at a buffet with a price starting from 250,000 VND/ticket.

Should I travel to Ba Na Hills on my own or on a tour?

Traveling on a tour will help you avoid worrying about scheduling, incurring additional costs, or transportation and food issues. In fact, going on a tour is extremely convenient if you travel in a large group, have elderly people, or young children.

However, traveling independently also brings you interesting experiences, allowing you to enjoy your favorite places freely. Nevertheless, you will need to rent a car, buy tickets, and find a place to eat. Therefore, this form of travel is usually more suitable for young people or small groups.

Please contact us to book a Private car with driver to Ba Na Hill From Hoi An or Da Nang, our driver can also purchase tickets for you. In addition, our online staff can also assist you in purchasing tickets

Where should I buy tickets to Ba Na Hills for the best price?

As Private Car Transfer Hoi An mentioned above, you can buy tickets to Ba Na Hills in three ways. However, to get the best price and many promotions, you should book in advance on the website or buy tickets at agencies. Alternatively, you can buy Da Nang and Ba Na Hills tour packages, which often come with discount codes.

Above are the information that Private Car Transfer Hoi An has summarized, hopefully helping you know what time Ba Na Hills opens to complete your travel plans. If you want to visit Ba Na Hills, please contact Private Car Transfer Hoi An for more detailed advice.

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