Discover CoCoBay Entertainment Complex in Da Nang

CoCoBay Entertainment Complex in Da Nang

CoCoBay Entertainment Complex is the largest entertainment complex in Vietnam and has a wealth of interesting things for visitors.

With the desire to make Danang become one of the best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, investors have built CoCoBay Da Nang into the largest resort and resort complex in Vietnam and can match the level. With major entertainment centers in the world such as Macao, Pattaya, Las Vegas, … This is the reason why recently, everyone mentioned CoCoBay especially young people. Join us in the entertainment venues at CoCoBay Entertainment Complex in Da Nang.

CoCoBay Entertainment Complex
CoCoBay Entertainment Complex in Da Nang

CoCoBay Da Nang has something special

The longest walking street in Vietnam

The pedestrian street is a highlight in CoCo Bay complex, located in a central location with a length of more than 1km along hotels, resorts and is like the heart of CoCo Bay. Along the pedestrian street are the areas with many large-scale and modern performances, many entertainment and travel services to meet the needs of all subjects to have fun and experience.

CoCoBay Entertainment Complex
The longest walking street in Vietnam

CoCo Square

This is the tourism square with the largest number of services in Vietnam with an extremely grand scale, here, visitors will be able to participate in spectacular festivals, visit lively and bustling shops. CoCo Square will be a destination to attract young people when they come to Da Nang.

CoCoBay Entertainment Complex
Coco Square – CoCoBay Entertainment Complex

Spa area

CoCo Bay’s Spa area will be a place to give customers a feeling of relaxation when being cared for and served enthusiastically. CoCo Bay’s Spa area includes:

– Spa & Fitness complex in the style of Japan and Thailand with an area of 4,500 m2, modern machines, the most advanced course in Vietnam.

– Spa Center area of more than 3,000 m2 is developed according to a complex model combining Medical Spa and Destination Spa.

In addition to the basic course, customers coming to Spa Center will experience world-class beauty methods such as Yoga Academy with the guidance of masters from India, purifying skin with mountain ash Fire, beauty with Nano gold, Stimulate blood circulation with hot salt stone, Massage in the room made from wood, …

CoCoBay Entertainment Complex
Premium spa service at Coco Bay

Vietnamese cultural village

Vietnamese cultural village at Cocobay Da Nang retains an architecture and culture of Cocobay. This is one of the most sought after destinations at Cocobay. Here, you seem to be immersed in the beautiful forest. Along with the fragrant flowers of strange grass, murmuring streams, faintly herbal flavor, …

CoCoBay Entertainment Complex
Vietnamese cultural villag – CoCoBay Entertainment Complex

In addition, there are other amusement parks in Cocobay Danang Resort like:

  • Fishing Boat Restaurant: The most unique and unique tourist restaurant in Vietnam: 1,500 seats.
  • Coco Stage: The most modern & magnificent outdoor theater in Vietnam: capacity of 2,000 seats.
  • Coco Beach Club: Beach Club Beach Club.
  • Coco Theater: great stage.
  • Cocobay Center: International conference center and event with a capacity of 2,000 seats.
  • Coco Opera House: Performance theater with a large capacity with 1200 seats with outstanding view.
  • Laser water music on Co Co river.

In the amusement parks, there will be very interesting games and landscapes that tourists can admire – experience:

CoCoBay Entertainment Complex
Many epic music festivals
  • Experience park, Monastery.
  • Landscape lake, Children area, Art space, Exhibition, Outdoor sports area, Waterfalls, Football fields.
  • BBQ garden, modern and diverse cinema complex.
  • Inland park, Promenade along Co Co river.
  • 4DX cinema complex, populous art performance area.
  • System of shops selling souvenirs and shopping centers.
  • Hitech entertainment area and hundreds of restaurants – cafes, cafes, karaoke, …

Besides, each Condotel apartment of Cocobay has its own entertainment and entertainment areas, serving on site. The Ocean Spa Court has a spa area that is the highlight. Skyline has facilities in the central business district. Twin Towers Tower has an infinity pool, overhead observatory, dining area with beautiful view …. All create a complex of entertainment, entertainment, and wonderful resorts. Promising to be a great vacation destination for your trip!

The above article answers the question of what Cocobay Danang has? For travelers intending to stay at Cocobay. Hope your trip adds a wonderful and perfect part. If you are interested in other highlights in Danang, then the link below is a good choice for you to learn your own information and schedule:

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