Discover Dong Giang Tea Hill in Quang Nam

There is a very special land in the middle of the sunny and windy Central region called Dong Giang tea hill – the only tea hill in Quang. Especially because it is located in the middle of the valley with a cool and airy space that is different from the intense heat of Hue, Hoi An, and Da Nang nearby, this mountainous region is an interesting destination. We invite you to explore together!

Information about Dong Giang tea hill in Quang Nam

Where is Dong Giang tea hill?

Location: Quyet Thang Farm, Ba commune, Dong Giang district, Quang Nam .

100km from Da Nang city center with about 2 hours driving along National Road 14G. You can ride a motorbike or take a bus. Experience is that riding a motorbike will be convenient to move, see many beautiful scenes on the road, but need a steady handle and drive very carefully.

Best season to visit: In the spring, from February to April.

Because in this season, tea buds after hibernation will bring more beautiful and vibrant colors, young green and full of life. The weather is pleasant, neither too cold nor too hot. However, the climate here is quite favorable, the valleys and mountains are covered with green all year round, so in general, every season is great. A small note is that you should go early to see the morning sun and early morning dew on the tea.

Admission: Free.

Tea hill belongs to Quyet Thang Farm, so there is no entrance fee. You just need to park the car at the nearby Co Tu village and there is no fee, but it will be more polite if we actively pay a reasonable amount.

Costume: No special costume required.

The way to the tea hill is not as difficult as trekking or climbing, so you can choose any type of outfit you feel comfortable with. However, you should cover up from the sun and bring a light jacket to avoid cold winds.

What to experience when coming to Dong Giang?

Check-in tea hill

Coming to a poetic land like Dong Giang, it is impossible to forget the journey camera to take beautiful pictures. With a wide straight line of tea spreading, in the distance are mountains and hills like mysterious looming curtains. Not only that, the tea hill is also suitable for many photo concepts at any time of the day, from early morning or midday sun or golden sunset.

Tea pickers

Tea picking is an activity worth trying once you visit this place. Try to leave the bustle and modernity of the city behind to join the working people carrying hoes, wearing gloves, pruning and picking tea buds. Not only understand the value of labor here, you also understand more about the tea tree and maybe you will love it more. A small suggestion is that you can buy specialty Quyet Thang tea in Dong Giang as a gift.


This is also an ideal place to go camping with family or friends. The tea farm has lots of flat land with shade where you can lay out mats/mats to rest, have a snack and enjoy the fresh air. Wouldn’t it be better to watch the sunset on the hillside?

Explore Dong Giang “heaven gate”

Dong Giang district has a system of interlaced streams and primeval forests so that those who love to explore can spend a day with the locals to visit. The most special feature is ” Dong Giang Heaven Gate “, also known as Hang Gop, located in Ka Dang commune, very close to the tea hill. Located in the primeval forest system, it is a limestone arch connecting two hilltops to form a “gate”. Going further, you will admire impressive stalactites.

Visiting Co Tu village

Besides the gift from nature, Dong Giang is also the residence of this Co Tu ethnic group for many generations with many traditional craft villages and specialties. It can be mentioned as the craft village of knitting and brocade weaving. In addition, you can enjoy specialty dishes here such as banh cuot (cake in the form of buffalo horns, wrapped in forest leaves or banana leaves), lam rice with salted A-Rieu chili, bamboo shoots and Ka Kun wine. (made from Ka Kun tubers that grow in the forest).

Transport To Dong Giang Tea Hill

We suggest booking a car with chauffeur driver and exploring all the points of interesting in complete comfort. Transfer To Dong Giang Tea hills And You can explore all of the memory city – Hoi An with My Son Sanctuary, My Lai Massacre, Bay Mau Coconut Forest…

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Dong Giang not only makes a beautiful land in the landscape but also makes a warm and simple place with friendly and hospitable local people. So hope that you will have good memories when you visit this place. And if you love it, please pay attention to clean up the trash, do not damage the tea hills as well as the primeval forests here and preserve the local cultural identity.

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