Hien Lam Cac – Ancient and beautiful architecture in Hue

Hien Lam Cac – an ancient architectural work located inside the campus of Hue Imperial Citadel. This relic was built in 1821 and is one of the important historical sites during the reign of King Minh Mang.

In the schedule of exploring Hue tourist map , Hien Lam Cac is an extremely interesting destination that should not be missed. With a prime location near the shrine area with a height of more than 17m, Hien Lam Cac is considered one of the tallest and most beautiful buildings in the Imperial Citadel.

Where is Hien Lam Cac?

Hien Lam Cac is located inside the Imperial City of Hue , with the address at Twenty Ba Thang Tam Street, Thuan Thanh Ward, City. Hue . This work is a monument commemorating, remembering the merits of the Nguyen kings, mandarins who have been loyal and built a prosperous country.

Hien Lam architecture The ancient Hue with unique beauty

Overall, Hien Lam Cac is made of high quality wood, 3-storey high architecture, built on a rectangular ground, the whole floor is paved with Bat Trang tiles. From the front yard moving to the ground, visitors will have to go through a system of stone steps in front and back, each side has 9 steps. The ramparts are decorated with dragons, and the aisle in the middle is for the king.


In the third row of columns from the front, a row of blocks is erected, in the middle of each space is an arched door. The types of trusses, triples, puzzles on this floor are all carved with a super impressive winding dragon shape. Above the main door is a large diaphragm with three Chinese characters “Hien Lam Cac”, the frame is carved with 9 dragons painted with gilded vermilion.

Going inside the Hien Lam Cac, on the right side of the space there is a staircase to the 2nd floor, the railing is divided into decorative drawers in the shape of “thou” and “thousandth” and lines carved with dragons at the beginning and end. .

Above the 2nd floor, there are three compartments with front and back doors, surrounded by elaborate and meticulous rows of lathes. This roof truss support consists of 4 main columns, 4 auxiliary columns, and the painted subsystem is beautifully carved.

The top 3rd floor has only 1 room with the way up is a wooden staircase with 9 steps. The front and back floors of the louvre doors are decorated with solid paint subsystems and impressive textures.

The roof of the top floor of the Hien Lam Cac is decorated with pale yellow french blue wine gourds, placed on top of a blue cloud with vibrant iridescent motifs.

It can be said that Hien Lam Cac is a work of high aesthetic value, designed in proportion to the proportions, in harmony with the magnificence, extremely magnificent. In the schedule of discovering Hue City Tour – Private Tour, don’t forget to come here to check-in and take super beautiful virtual live photos!

Popular tourist attractions near Hien Lam Cac

In the complex of relics of the ancient capital of Hue, there are not only Hien Lam Cac but also many other beautiful places that you can combine to visit and explore.

Hue Citadel

The Citadel of Hue is the second citadel within the Hue Citadel, which surrounds the most important imperial palaces, shrines and the Forbidden City. This work was previously built over a fairly long period of time (about 30 years), using tens of thousands of construction workers, undergoing jobs such as filling rivers, digging trenches, building citadel, … with the amount of soil and rock used up to millions of cubic meters.

Ngo Mon Quan

Ngo Mon Quan is one of the four largest gates of the Imperial Citadel of Hue, reserved only for the king or for receiving emissaries. Today, after 2 centuries, Ngo Mon Hue still retains its perfect architecture, becoming a favorite check-in point for many tourists when visiting.

Hue Falg Tower

Hue Falg Tower was built during the decline of Vietnamese feudalism. At that time, on any major festival, adoration or tour, there were regulations on flags. Currently, on the roof of Hue Falg Tower is a red flagpole with a yellow star of our country fluttering in the wind. This is also a “virtual living” place that should not be missed when visiting the complex of relics of the ancient capital.

In the schedule to explore Hue tourist map, in addition to Hue Imperial City, you can combine visiting many other places such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue Perfume River, Trang Tien Hue Bridge, Hon Chen Palace, Thien An Hill. Hue, … and to have a complete trip to the ancient capital, you should choose a suitable tour for yourself.

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