Hoi An Ancient Town Architecture – Unique beauty preserved for hundreds of years

Visitors from all over the world must admire and be amazed with the architecture of Hoi An ancient town when they have the opportunity to visit. Let’s explore the features of Hoi An’s ancient urban architecture, which has remained intact for hundreds of years without being lost or affected by modern urbanization.

When learning about the architecture of Hoi An ancient town, you will notice the harmonious and unique cultural interference of townhouses, assembly halls, temples, etc., which are hundreds of years old. In 2009, the architectural and artistic monument of Hoi An Ancient Town was recognized as a special national relic.

Overview of Hoi An ancient town

When traveling to Hoi An , visitors will be constantly admiring by the unique and impressive architecture, there are 1-0-2 in Hoi An ancient town. The area of ​​Hoi An ancient town is confirmed to be about 2km2 with short, narrow and intersecting roads in the shape of a chessboard, along with townhouses, assembly halls, temples,….

Architecture in Hoi An ancient town is the intersection of many cultures

Referring to the diversity in the architecture of Hoi An ancient town, one must definitely mention the prosperous historical period of the land of Hoi An.

Around the end of the 15th century, in Hoi An, Dai Viet people came here to live and develop many professions, suitable for the geographical location as well as the natural conditions here.

However, at the end of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Chinese and the Japanese also began to settle here and settle down. At this time, Lord Nguyen allowed them to stay and live according to the customs of each country. Therefore, this place has gradually become a large economic exchange center and an international trading port.

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Features of Hoi An ancient town architecture

Structure of open space, harmony

The first feature in the architecture of Hoi An ancient town is the open and harmonious space structure. This is considered a calm and pleasant architecture that makes many visitors feel excited and want to check in here.

With the aim to optimize living space, the architects chose an open space structure for the overall architecture of Hoi An ancient town. Although the distance between the houses in the old quarter is quite narrow, because they carry the ancient design features from the past and look somewhat similar, it still gives people a strange peacefulness.

Hoi An ancient town has an extremely harmonious open space structure

Architecture of Hoi An ancient town

The old quarter of Minh An ward most clearly shows the characteristics of Hoi An ancient town architecture. The map of Hoi An ancient town consists of short and narrow streets, intersecting in the shape of a checkerboard with Tran Phu Street as the main road. On this road, there are many important architectural works of Hoi An ancient town, including: system of ancient houses, Chinese assembly halls, Cau pagoda, Quan Cong temple, Hoi History – Culture Museum. An,…

Traditional house architecture

Referring to the architecture in Hoi An ancient town, it is impossible not to mention the traditional houses. The most common type of housing that you can see on any street in Hoi An is the 2-storey house with narrow width and long depth.

This type of tubular house usually has a common structure with a wooden frame, two sides are separated brick walls. Normally, the campus of a house is from 4 to 8m wide and from 10 to 40m deep.

Very familiar 2-storey houses in Hoi An ancient town

The layout of a house will include parts such as: sidewalk, porch, main house, outbuilding, toilet and inner courtyard. Architectural features are used in most of the old houses on the street side of Hoi An ancient town.

Architecture of historical sites

The historical sites also contribute to perfecting the architectural picture of Hoi An ancient town. Each relic is characterized by a culture and is reminiscent of distinct historical periods of the ancient town of Hoi An:

  • Assembly Hall: This is a historical relic imbued with Chinese culture. Currently, in Hoi An ancient town, there are still 5 Chinese assembly halls: Fujian, Chinese, Trieu Chau, Quynh Phu and Cantonese. The Chinese assembly halls are built with the overall architecture including: a large front gate, a large courtyard, a mountain, a second area for worship and finally a communal house.
  • Ethnic Church: An ancient unique architectural feature in Vietnam also appears in Hoi An with the ethnic church. This is considered a special form of architecture. Because the family’s places of worship are built in the form of a campus and include: gardens, gates, solid fences, outbuildings,… Some ethnic churches have beautiful architecture in the area. Hoi An that visitors can refer to are: Tran family church, Truong family church,…
  • Temple, to the temple : As the earliest development of Buddhism in Dang Trong, the temples in Hoi An ancient town were also built quite early. The architecture of temples in Hoi An is quite simple, because most of the temples and shrines are located right in the village. However, up to now, almost the original architectures of temples and shrines here have been changed more or less through historical periods as well as restoration and construction.

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Impressive architectural works in Hoi An ancient town

Through the features of the architecture in Hoi An ancient town, visitors can see the unique cultural interference here. Here are some typical and impressive architectural works that tourists must definitely visit when traveling to Hoi An:

Bridge Pagoda

Hoi An Bridge Pagoda owns the architectural features of the intersection between Vietnam, Japan and China. This is also considered a testament to the development of a busy trading port, where traders from Vietnam, Japan and China come to exchange and trade.

Covered Bridge is an architectural cross-cultural work of three countries Vietnam – Japan – China

In terms of architecture, Cau Pagoda is made entirely of wood with brick and stone pillars. The total length of the bridge is about 18, with new roofed yin and yang tiles. Above the main door is a large sign with 3 embossed Chinese characters: Lai Vien Kieu.

Church of the Tran family

The Tran family church is an ancient work with bold architectural features of Hoi An ancient town. The unique feature in the architecture of the Tran family church is the delicate layout and strict feng shui in each furniture. Every object placed inside the church is carved extremely delicately and meticulously.

Church of the Tran family

Tan Ky ancient house

Tan Ky ancient house with more than 200 years old still retains the original architecture of Hoi An ancient town. Built in 1741, Tan Ky ancient house is made of wood and Bat Trang bricks and stones. Today, this place still preserves many beautiful monuments.

Tan Ky ancient house is more than 200 years old bearing the imprint of Hoi An ancient town architecture

Phuc Kien

Phuc Kien Assembly Hall is one of the most famous architectures of Hoi An ancient town. It was built in the style of the letter Tam with the layout of the gate, courtyard, miniatures, two rows of east-west houses, the main hall, and the courtyard. after and finally after power.

The impressive and unique architecture of Hoi An ancient town is one of the factors that attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit Hoi An town. If you and your famil


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